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  1. samuraiswordz

    Show me your OCs! I want to draw a portrait~

    I want to get some portraits done as practice! Something like this which I did for LucyFoxCat Link below your OCs and I may draw them ;o
  2. ChubbyGhostPrincess


    I'm not sure where to put this, but I have characters I am trying to sell right now. The ones that are tentative are going to need a slightly higher offer and the ones in almost impossible need a really good offer. FLAT PRICE; ** on Toyhouse - $1.50 Indigo and Petal on Toyhouse - $2 Sugar...
  3. T0x

    Sonic and Furry Flash Sale!

    Hello all! I will be taking Sonic OC/canon and Furry commissions starting at the low low price of $5! $5 gets you a lined sketch, which is half of what I originally charge. $10 gets that lineart colored with flats, and $15 gets it shaded, and all purdy-like. An additional character (only 1 at...
  4. DuckyDeathly

    ~ *Cartoony/Anime Commissions Open! Affordable & Timely* ~

    Hi everyone. My name is Ducky. I'd like to draw something for you! I'm able to draw humans, furries/anthros, monsters/fantasy creatures, and more ~ More details are located here on my DeviantArt, but I'll post the info here as well for easy access. ---- Sketch Base Price: $5 + $3 for each...
  5. DocSteam

    Steamy Fresh Commissions, Starting at $5!

    Hello hello! I decided it was high time I reworked my commission thread with some new stuff. Basic info: - I take Paypal! - My No's: Death, excessive gore, underage, bathroom play. - My Yes's: Pretty much anything else. NSFW and SFW alike! - Message me privately here or on FA or email me at...
  6. DuckyDeathly

    ~ * AFFORDABLE Cartoony/Anime Commissions * ~ Can draw humans, furries/anthros, OCs, and more!

    Hi everyone! My name is Ducky, and I'd like to draw something for you! I am able to draw humans, anthros/furries, monsters, and other fantasy creatures! More details are located here on my deviantart, but i'll post the info here as well for easy access. Sketch Base Price: $5 + $3 for each...
  7. HoneyBonnieBunny

    Free Pony Art! (limited spaces, limited time)

    I really want more examples of My Little Pony ocs for my commission posts, so if you'd like some quick free art hit me up! Respond with a picture/link to your oc and i'll do a flat colored drawing of them! Look here for examples of pony art Userpage of honeybonniebunny -- Fur Affinity [dot] net...
  8. Ninitard

    Selling a Tiger OC

    Hi hii~ I'm currently selling a Tiger OC. She has two tails. No name yet. She's very sweet and comes from a tribe. She's currently $50. If interested just say so 'u'