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  1. Trevorbluesquirrel


    Well, if you can't be a bit macabre and morbid in October......? Anyway, I saw this topic on another forum, and wondered...... Give it to family or friend: Its just something to wear, like all my other clothes! Someone close to me who's always liked it can wear it now! Sell or auction it...
  2. S

    Any plans for Halloween?

    Hey there everyone I dont know about you, but iam a huge halloween fanatic. Ever since I was a child, my father used to make huge "spider webs" and hang them all over the house. Lots of children from the neighbourhood came over because you could see a mile a way that our family actually cared...
  3. Delmi

    Chibi Halloween Icons starting at $5!

    Hello~! Just in time for the spoopy season, I'm selling some cute chibi Halloween icons! I can make many species, and there are many different cozy outfits to choose from. Examples and prices are below! Feel free to comment, PM, or note me over on my FA: Userpage of Delmi -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  4. E

    Looking for possible roommates for FurReality in Cincinnati, OH

    Hello all. I don't post to the FA forums that often (or at all really) but I figured due to the high volume of people here I may as well give this a shot. My close friend shifterfur and I are currently seeking 2-3 people to room with us for FurReality. For those of you who aren't familiar with...