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  1. 2DFIEND


    this raffle is hosted over on deviantart!! like, anyone can join... the other baby is also up for offers! you can offer pretty much anything- in the same link CLICK HERE TO VIEW DETAILS
  2. LucidHowl

    Ookami (Werewolf rp)

    So I had this weird idea for an rp and I really want to try it out. This rp would have a setting similar to feudal Japan and it's about wolves.. Well werewolves (And dogs too lol. Foxes are allowed but they're rare because it sort of goes with the whole kitsune thing. ). I pitched the idea on...
  3. M

    CYOC furry transformation threads: My Girlfriend is an Animal; and Animalia

    I'm un-lurking and first-timing to post some links to threads about humans becoming furries in the real world: My Girlfriend is an Animal This thread is where a retrovirus is used to create animal people, and their trials and suffering in what would be real life. The choice you need to click...