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  1. B

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: 5 Characters Are Up For USD Offers

    UPDATE: I'm happy to announce that the car has been fixed! I took on many commissions on the side which generated enough money to hire a reliable backyard mechanic. These characters are still for sale! I'm kind of in a bind. My mom's car has broke down and neither I nor her have money to fix...
  2. chare

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Big adopt batch 2 - Open OTA(Min $20 USD)

    Mixed batch open for offers! Min money only offer is $20 USD Check em out here! www.furaffinity.net: Big adopt batch 2 - OTA (open) by Chare fav.me: Big adopt batch 2 - OTA (open) by ChitChatCafe on DeviantArt thanks for looking, stay safe and healthy! : )
  3. CheeFurraAcc

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions Open! ($5 - $100+)

    I'm open for commissions ^.^ Pricelist and ToS here: drive.google.com: ~Chee’s Pricelist~ Some of my art examples: My FA Page - https://www.furaffinity.net/user/cheefurraacc/ You can contact me via email too! - cheetaha.art@gmail.com Thank You for looking! <3
  4. Al1ve

    How to contact with these authors?

    Hello all. I'm trying to contact to authors of two card games, but they're still not answer. Here they are: Userpage of silverfox5213 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net - author of Fuzzy Mage Fight Userpage of blackteagan -- Fur Affinity [dot] net - maybe author of card game Room party. I tried to...
  5. S

    Digital Artist Wanted

    Digital Artist wanted for long-term partnership producing NSFW CG Collections and/or hentai doujins for DLSite to accompany scripts. Can't promise immediate payment, but am willing to split all profits 50/50. If interested, please send a PM, preferably with a link to some of your work, so we can...
  6. Ashwolves5

    Raffle Time!

    I am hosting a raffle on my main fa account if anyone wants to enter! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26462954/
  7. Inkblooded

    Characters for Trade or Offer

    NOTE TO MODERATOR: I have put this thread in Exchanges and Trades as these characters are being traded as well as sold, and they will likely not be sold for more than $5. By the Art Sales and Auctions rules, transactions need to be at least $5 USD of worth and you can't sell or trade for...

    Hunie Sakura Humble Bundle COLORING COMMISSION offer

    Humble Bundle has a Hunie Sakura bundle going on that ends in 1 day and 19 hours as of this Forum Thread's submission. I wish to get it but am unable to at the moment due to the site not working on my desktop on Google chrome for some reason possibly related to the windows 0xc0000005 bug. I'm...
  9. dankedonts

    Story Commisions CLOSED

    Good day to you, perspective customers and window shoppers. Let’s craft a story together! My handle is DankeDonuts, and I’m looking to put all those creative writing classes I took to use. True, I don’t have a great deal here on FurAffinity (yet). But more is coming all the time. And what I...
  10. R

    Goat Girl Adoptable

    Selling this goat girl that I've had for some time now. She comes with two pieces of bonus art (one mature by Mizukithia, one nsfw by Hutchyyy) I'm open to haggling, but I was hoping for $15 to $20 dollars. If you are interested please comment here: www.furaffinity.net: Purple Goat Girl...
  11. supermint

    AUCTION: Fox girl with firetruck red hair (OPEN)

    For sale here! For sale here!
  12. Whiskered

    Art commisions for november 6 slots.

    Greetigns ladies and gentelmen. I have recently opened up new slots for commissions. Six slots and two are already taken. I offer variety of art services. Sketches, Paintings, Illustrations, 3D. You can check by your self over here: November/december commisions are opend! --...
  13. drawain

    TRADITIONAL // 15€ sketch // color & bw

    Heyho, I'm falling in love with traditional mixed media and I would like to offer one of these here: Slots: 1. Shipping inclusive. Payment upfront via PAYPAL. I have semester break and am making up the lost time from living apart from bf/family/friends. But I'll be finished with your...