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  1. wolvykasu

    pokemon gijinkas OTA

    so I decided to do an offert to adopt over here : www.furaffinity.net: Gijinka adopts OTA by wolvykasu The minimum for each adoptable is 5$ USD all the other rules are in the link !
  2. N

    buy 2, get 1 free adopt ($6 each)

    I have to do a bit of cleaning, so I decided to do a special in my gallery : Buy 2 adopts and get 1 for free ~ they all start at 6$ only (except one), so take a look into my gallery : Artwork Gallery for nina-design-fox243 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Be sure to send me a note with all the links...
  3. N

    Feral canine special offert!!

    I need to clean a bit of my gallery, so for a limited time, buy 2 feral canines from my stock and the 3rd one will be free! feral gallery : Artwork Gallery for nina-design-fox243 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (the free canine cannot be at a higher price than the total of your purchases)
  4. N

    pixel bottle commissions (holiday offert)

    I have commissions of pixel bottles to offert SPECIAL HOLIDAY OFFERT : Buy one, get the second one free! Exemples : as you can see, it can be any type of animation, poses or backgrounds can be : animals humans Humanoids anthros cannot be : robots lot of muscles how to get one: Caracter...