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  1. Parabellum3

    Ōkami: A Thousand Suns

    Hiya guys. I've started a new fanfiction in a distant future setting in the world of Okami. My story is currently a work in progress and shall be updated every 3 chapters or so. Also do expect for there to be artwork as well. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy it and any feedback will be...
  2. Parabellum3

    An Ōkami based RP

    Hey guys, I've got a unique sort of RP that I have come up with. It is a sort of story based(1 x 1) RP that I have planned which is literate and semi-literate when conversing with characters in the story. I may even convert the RP into a fanfic depending on the outcome of it. So far the only...
  3. Parabellum3

    How many of you know Ōkami?

    I expect that you furry and canine lovers alike should be familiar with this amazing masterpiece. It has definitely inspired me to do lots of things, especially made me interested in Japanese culture as a whole. I really wish that Capcom made another game already before it fades away in memory...
  4. -Praydeth-

    How long do reply restrictions restrictions last for most?

    I have had reply restrictions for nearly 12 hours now , THIS IS INSANE! I expected to be pretty bad but i did not expect them to be this bad. While i certainly agree i needed reply restrictions put on me i didn't expect them to last 12 dam hours. Also this happens to people who don't deservere...
  5. bhutrflai

    The Okami_No_Heishi Fan Club

    Okami seems to be quite a Popufur, so I figured I'd make it official... This is just a place where we can all gather to talk about his posting capabilities, his reply restrictions, his warped sense of humor, or his obsession with boops. Feel free to share you thoughts & feelings about my...