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om nom nom

  1. sleepy kitty

    What is the favorite food of the person above you?

    Title is self explanatory! Just write what you think is the favorite food of the person above you. Simple. :P
  2. Simo

    Corn On the Cob

    Summer's here, and time for corn on the cob. So, how do you eat yours? "Rotary" style, or "Typewriter", from one end to the other? Or, just random chomps? And don't let me here that you cut if off the cob first...blasphemy!!!
  3. Simo

    Chopsticks! How well can you use them?

    For the longest time (years), I found them impossible: Then, late one night, coming back from NYC and starving, we went to this Korean place, that only had chopsticks, and it just fell into place like magic. Now I can eat almost everything with them, even Jello. Sometimes I use them instead of...