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one on one

  1. Sehra

    Looking for longterm partner(s)

    Heya! Very new to the forums (Seriously.. I didn't know this excisted until like.. Yesterday) Buuut, i'm looking for some long term rp partners, may it be nsfw or nsfw. I'm *pretty* good at roleplaying, have been doing it for a bunch of years. Setting wise, i'm openminded as *heck* so well. Feel...
  2. Captain TrashPanda

    Time travel/Slice of life rp 1 on 1, (n)SFW

    Hey frendos. I've had this prompt on my mind for a while, but what if you were just going about your day and someone from the future dropped in? Or vice versa, where you happened to find some device that sent you forward some amount of time and you had no idea what the year was, or the tech that...
  3. Snurmit

    Looking for NSFW 1x1 Partners

    Howdy I'm brand spankin' new to the FA Forums but I've been roleplaying on forums for fifteen years. I'm an adult non-binary individual looking for other adults to do some NSFW rp. I'm really chill, so if you have a question about kinks or anything else, feel free to ask. I'm looking for (but...
  4. CelestialTear

    Looking for a mate and family for Xaviel!

    Hey everyone! I finally got my beautiful ref sheet for my new character, Xaviel! I was hoping to get a mate for him so I can get couple art and write stories or do rps with him! He loves raves and he's more of the emo/punk style but he's rather kind and protective! I would also love to do a...
  5. Brejvarr Ulfhedne

    Fantasy RP (1x1)

    Hello! I'd like to start a long-term fantasy adventure rp with anyone who's interested. All you need is a Discord account and some imagination! Details will be discussed over Discord, just pm me your name and tag if you're interested and I will add you. See you on Discord!
  6. Bjorn Potato

    Any females interested in some nsfw rp?

    I'm looking for a female partner for some nsfw rp, mostly preferred to be up around 10pm Greenwich. i don't have an exact preference for environments and stuff, but modern is fine. msg me for my discord.
  7. jamborii

    Looking for Rp Partners!

    Searching for a few new rp partners to get the creativity flowing! I tend to prefer slice of life/modern settings, but i'm flexible if theres a good premise. I'm still a little new to rping with my furry characters, but i'm getting the hang of it. Please only reply if you're over 18! pm me for...