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  1. AstroRey

    Art Streaming!

    Hello and welcome! My name is Astro and Im a multimedia free lancer artist :) Here is the link to my stream, so take a seat, and enjoy!
  2. D

    What are other users?

    I've been looking at the data from the bottom of the page and, whilst I understand Online/Registered/Guest users, I cannot seem to put my finger on what an "Other User" is. Does anyone know? I've been looking in the forum here if I could find an answer, alas, I cannot. Hoping to find someone...
  3. ThatProtoBoi

    Back Online!

    I may just have problems on my end, but I'm so excited that the forums are running along side the main art site! Hello world!
  4. J

    Online Conduct and Employment

    I've always been told that employers are very strict about what their employees say/do online, and I've done my best to remain fairly PG (hell, I don't even swear that much online). However, few others seem to do the same. Short of saying/doing anything massively offensive, you seem to be fine...
  5. Awoos the Plush

    Cool and fun online Furry Transformation visual novels?

    Hey! I wonder if there are any fun and cool furry transformation visual novels out there on the internet that I don't have to download on my phone or anything, because I'm kind of stingy about my phone memory. If you have one you could recommend me, please post it in this thread. Thanks!
  6. NightcoreGamer

    Scriblio word packs. (Add your own!)

    Hi, I hope I put this in the right spot. I'm making (and stealing) a bunch of custom word packs for Skribl.io -> (skribbl.io - Free Multiplayer Drawing & Guessing Game) <- Why am I making this? I like Skriblio and I'm annoyed that there's not a whole lot of premade ready to use word packs...
  7. Yakamaru

    The Division

    Well, name says it all. Got any good builds? Simply want to talk about it? Want suggestions for builds? This is the thread for you! Crit and Crit Damage? On the Urban MDR? FUCK YEAH! <3
  8. deessel

    Anyone plays Flight Rising?

    Hey furs and scalies, I was wondering who else likes to play Flight Rising. In case you don't know what it is, Flight Rising is a dragon pet/breeding site which features several dragon breeds and bands called "Flights" that you can join. Home | Flight Rising So who else is into it or has played...
  9. E

    Is GTA Online flaky for anyone else?

    I know that GTA V has a bad track record for having some of the worst connectivity issues, but the game has been out for 2 years now and I'm still being kicked from lobbies/can't join online missions like... at all. All my other games work just fine so I know it's not my interent, so what gives...
  10. LinnyChanPL

    [OFFLINE] Linny is streaming!

    Come&join my first and test stream on Picarto.TV! I'm currently doing a sketch for my friend :) Picarto.TV - LinnyChanPL's Channel
  11. F

    iScribble Alternatives? Online Drawing Websites/Programs?

    I have been trying to find a better iScribble. I don’t know if anybody else here uses those types of websites, but I’d be grateful for any help finding alternatives. As it is now, the website is going through some overhauling and I don’t think new members will be accepted. Another concern of...
  12. AdroitCoyote

    Casual Destiny/Overwatch Players: X1

    Two friends and I are looking for a handful of furry gamers who'd like to make a small group or clan or whatever you want to call it to frequently play together. We're primarily looking for Destiny players that would be interested in Raiding frequently, like once a week, or playing Crucible...
  13. SilenceLoud

    How do you feel about long distant relationships?

    I know many furries that meet online and end up becoming a couple together no matter the distance, and I myself have had a few relationships like this. How do you guys feel about meeting another furry online, hitting it off, and maintaining a relationship? It can be difficult based on what...
  14. Vermilion

    way to keep track of commissions

    I've been thinking about it for a long time. Does anyone know a site that's useful to keep track of commissions just in case for taxes? Also do I need a business license if I'm just doing digital drawings online? I'm worried I'll break some kind of rule and the fine may be more than any...
  15. G


    Any paragon players for PS4/PC (I play PS4, more stable)
  16. Evian

    Does anyone still play neopets?

    I've been trying to connect with other people in the neopet fandom. It seems to be that the group on FA hasn't been very active. Just curious, because I'd love to share more neopets art, and trade and such. Also, does anyone know of a more active club/group for neopets?
  17. N

    Furry mmos

    Know any good mmos and social games with furries aside from: Furcadia, Second Life, Elder Scrolls Online, Tera, Archeage, IMVU, World of warcraft, Wildstar, Final fantasy 11 and Final fantasy 14.