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open adoptables

  1. Serendipity.Stag

    (Open) Massive Character Purge!

    Yo! Having a HUGE character purge over on my Toyhou.se! Check it out here: https://toyhou.se/SerendipityStag/characters/folder:2858871 You do NOT need to have a TH to adopt, just comment or DM me here! You may lowball, but I can't promise I'll accept the offer.
  2. Kunda

    Baby Fnaf security breach adopts

    Baby fnaf security breach adopts
  3. Kunda

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: 10$ Punk scene dog adopts

    Check them out on my profile
  4. Kunda

    Hq scene/punk dogs ufs

    Check them out on my fa New batch! They're 10$ each. Pp only ^^ all art by me♡ 1-open 2-open 3-open 4-open Crossposted
  5. MyeAri

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: -OPEN- 100+ Adopt Promotional!! (Anthro/Furry/Kemonomimi..etc)

    -100+ Adopts Available, DA Points/Paypal Accepted -Prices: 2500-3000 DA Points/ 25-30 USD -Kemonomimis, Chibis, Anthros/Furries, Male, Female, Non Gender..etc.. ^w^ -Various Styles and Genres: Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec, Asian, Pastel..etc... -100% free to EDIT Name, Gender, Species, Personality...
  6. GloomyGumi

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Gumi's $10 Adoption Sale ALL ADOPTS MUST GO!

    Hello~ I am in dire need need of funds to help out my folks so i am in a rush of selling 4 of these fluff balls in hopes they will find a home. I also will be doing a special sale if you but 1 you can get the other for half off ^^. if you are Interested please let me know!
  7. seasidedragon

    $18-$30 Anthro Adopts

    i have a bunch of adopts up right now that i'm really hoping to have taken off my hands! they range from $18-$30 in the batches i have listed here! paypal only, you'll be sent the full res, unwatermarked file after purchasing! please feel free to inbox me here or note me on my furaffinity if...
  8. devilmagnet

    Lopgoat Adopts for $10 (Open)

    I'm a little short on change on after buying all of my Christmas gifts and there's something small I wanted to buy last minute, so please bear with me as I part ways with some lopgoat adopts..! ; v ; All goats are a flat $10 USD. Comment below to claim or pm me (you can pm me on FA or DA...
  9. K

    Pony Adoptables

    Three pony adoptable up for sale! SB: $15 Min: $10 AB:$30 Reply either here or on the comments at www.furaffinity.net: Pony Adoptables #1-OPEN by KinkiJayArts Once you bid your bid is locked until someone else bids and you can reply to them Paypal only please . Note me or PM me for the...
  10. snailienz

    $25 Adoptables OPEN 2/3

    => Go Here or Comment Below to Claim 1. OPEN 2. sold-SkullFoxAltar 3.OPEN BONUS: Offering to make full refs to go with the design for $20 more! Includes back view and detail shots (ex: paws, how accesories attach, teeth) AND color swatch set.
  11. koha-chan


    cute demon - auction!!^^ www.furaffinity.net: GLOWED ADOPT [AUCTION OPEN] by kohakuasato www.furaffinity.net: GLOWED ADOPT [AUCTION OPEN] by kohakuasato www.furaffinity.net: GLOWED ADOPT [AUCTION OPEN] by kohakuasato
  12. EmberMage


    Please check out the species here: blueviolinist13.deviantart.com: Custom Lineless BirdThings (Bits)--- OPEN Mythic Bit for sale! I'm going to have this listed as an auction, as to encourage people to spread the word, as well as to hopefully get them a good home sooner! Starting Bid is: 15$...
  13. Sharklore

    Flatsale Adopts: Anthros (and two humans)

    Hello there! I have a few adopts that haven’t sold yet, so I figured I’d post them here and try my luck. I be willing to haggle on some since they haven’t sold in months, so if you want to make me an offer, feel free! You can check out my FA account here, and ready my adoptable policies at...
  14. AkashRed

    [OPEN-Auction] Christmas Adopt

    Hey! I put this adopt to Auction- SB : $15 Min : $1 AB : $40 -Rules- > you can choose the name (will be add on the refsheet) > Minor marking edits allowed to suit your comforts and interpretation. > You can Choose colour of blood > You can resell it. > Serious bidders only > You cant claim...
  15. CharcoalMoose

    Commissions Open ($5 Starting)

    Welcome! I currently have closed species made to order, custom species concept design, and "your character here" plushie pups! All of my pricing information is laid out here: charcoalmoose.deviantart.com: Commissions :OPEN: Don't see something you like? Comment, I am open to a lot of art!
  16. O

    Original Species Adoptables Thread!

    I'm very new to fA, so please bear with me as I figure this site out. Thank you! :p Auctioning Original Species 'Kaltei' RULES: - I'm accepting Paypal only. - After buying, you'll receive a full-size picture of the design without the watermark. - Buying a designs gives you all the rights to use...