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open discussion

  1. Jaredthefox92

    Warhammer Fantasy Furry RP?

    (OOC: This roleplay is in warhammer fantasy, as the 40k neckbeard mob will murder us if it's in warhammer 40,000. Anyways, the idea is to play Warhammer fantasy races, but in anthro form. Chaos, Beastmen, Skaven, vampires, you name it. Just try to keep it semi-lore friendly. ) The night in...
  2. Skittlesthehusky

    What was the most scariest thing you've ever seen/experienced?

    this is an open discussion! so you can bring up your own experiences and everything. just don't get too gorey or nsfw, stick to the TOS boys, girls, and nonbinary pals. uwu --- this isn't exactly the most terrifying for me, but it is a really bad experience i've had where i was in the car with...
  3. Skittlesthehusky

    What is the dumbest law you've ever seen?

    5th thread made tonight i think. i'm trying my best to have many open discussions for people to chat about on here. :0 but yeah, i've seen some pretty weird laws. one of them being that you can't lay down or sit on a sidewalk in nevada????? what's the weirdest ones you've seen? link me some...
  4. D

    For those with anxiety

    This is a response I made for someone on my other post about depression. I thought it worth it to copy the response and paste it as a whole new thread. Here you go! “I know all to well the problem of anxiety, and living with it my whole life and having had multiple counselors, I know a thing or...
  5. D

    The best and the worst of the fandom

    Name one virtue of the furry fandom that makes it a great community. Name one area in which the fandom at large should work on to improve or become more acceptable. You can answer this question with regards to the fandom in relation to itself, in relation to non-furries (namely the part of...
  6. Austin Silver

    Let's write a story!!!

    Okay. Let's write a story that anyone can add to. There are, however, a few minor rules. It must flow. We will be writing in first person present tense (with the exception of frame narratives). Also, if you're not going to write more than a paragraph, don't write at all. Remember, a...
  7. PyrestoneAtelier

    Toony VS Realistic: Which do you prefer?

    Title is a little misleading, but you get the gist. So what style of fursuit do you prefer? Do you even have a preference? I for example have a great deal of love for semi-to-realistic fursuits. I love how they look as if they could be a real animal or anthro, and the extra details like the...