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open requests

  1. Mr. Shigglesworth

    (CLOSED) I wanna take some (NSFW) requests

    Feelin kinda blocked right now, and nothing helps that like drawin the fat dicks. This is an open offer for a couple doodles. Be as specific or ambiguous as you want, but I'll be taking whichever ones interest me the most. I'm more likely to gravitate towards: -Thin or femme boys -Chubby or...
  2. estiniens

    Free Icons for Newbies!

    CLOSED FOR NOW Hi there! So I've noticed lots of newbies here on FA without any kind of icon! And that just makes me sad. So here's what I want to do, seeing as I need more icon examples and more practice. Under the requirements you show me your FA, preferably you've joined within the last 2...