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open rp

  1. helluvakink

    Looking For Longterm Partners (1x1 // possible NSFW)

    hello!! I'm interested in longterm RP partners for Discord RP. I'm not really looking for fandom RP outside of the furry fandom; I prefer OCs. I am an experienced roleplayer and have been writing in fandom RPs on Tumblr and Twitter for years. I am, however, new to Furry RP and would request some...
  2. Nate/Satsuki

    SFW RP, anyone?

    It could be centered around anything. This is mostly just a discussion and a way to see if anyone is interested.
  3. O

    Dystopian RP (Open to all)

    The nation of Querencia is thriving under Emperor Iris Cheng, the nations first dictator and woman leader. During her reign, the small nation has developed into a military powerhouse, an economic monopoly, and a social centre. What people don't know is that the Emperor is only taking credit for...
  4. lacelamb11

    Open RP - The Juice Bar

    Alrighty, so I've been lurking on the RP Tavern awhile, consistently seeing private rp request threads. I'm pretty new around here, but I'd been sort of disappointed by the lack of casual, open rp threads. So with the encouragement of some others, I decided to open this thread. The premise is...
  5. furryfilth

    Talk to me about anything

    I'm bored as hell and wanna talk to some people so here ya go. Type words and I will reply with more words. If you wanna RP the RP, if you wanna complain about anything that's fine too, just dooo itttt (cue Shia Labeouf gif.)