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open species

  1. B

    Request: Anyone bored and want to draw a lesser-known species?

    I just made this guy from a base and I love him. ;-; His name is Duke, and he's a leathersaur! He's a guy with a big ego that typically "bites" off more than he can chew. In my 3 years in the fandom, I have only seen and met one other person with a leathersaur. I think the species is really...
  2. B

    Day Drifters Fan Discord Server!

    Hey hey! There's this wicked open species that has been my favorite for a long while. They go by the name of day drifters and their owner/creator is Kedlead on DA and Amino! They are interdimensional beings that wear masks and bandages to keep themselves together. Some can become corrupt if they...
  3. K

    Lore driven open species?

    I'm looking for some lore based OS that I could join sometime, could be anthro or humanoid. Could be yours, a friends, or just one you like. No closed species please!
  4. Super Budsie

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $5 Bunbrush Adopts

    Only $5 adopts of my original species, the Bunbrush! Comment for ones you want! For the Rath in the 2nd row, comment R2, for the Bunbuck in the 3rd row comment BB3. So on and so forth. I accept paypal currently. Lore coming soon!
  5. Blue Moon the Folf

    Request: New Open Species in need of art!

    Hey!! I have recently created a new open species, named the Val'hyrk. They are primordial dragons that exist in the Abyssal Plains, and are fully furred, with no wings, and no third lung. I have the description for their first member and will gladly send the full species info upon request...
  6. Bluekittie

    Show me some popular open species.

    Just curious about some open species that i may not have seen before. Ive looked at a few on da but jw if there is any that possibly well known here I guess? anyways share an open species u think that are cute , cool, and totally unique~
  7. F

    Open species:Astralins

    Hello guys Doing a lil advertising for my species The astralins are officially released and free to make. The critters from planet planet prismodia are just waiting to be drawn. Coming in different colours,sizes and variations, there are no rules for creating one. Let your imagination go wild...
  8. F

    Open species: Astralins

    Heyo guys May I present to you my own created open species: the astralins. Basically they are smol (kinda magical) aliens. Took me so long to create this art piece,LOL. Might make a base. Species is still in work but only information wise. Information about them:www.furaffinity.net: Astralin...
  9. Blue Moon the Folf

    Request: New (open) Species

    They're called Bolverk for their ability to adapt to any environment they're put in. Here are the details. Orca Body, due to originally aquatic natural habitat Amphibious to provide dietary variety because of overhunting of natural habitat Bunny ears from excessively quiet environment evolved...
  10. Ashwolves5

    Open Species: Florviens

    I’ve made a little site about them and there is also a gallery showing a few. sites.google.com: Florviens
  11. lulubelleluna

    Snyails for sale! Starting as low as five dollars!

    Alright hello! Long time fan of FA, first time diving into the community so uh hey! I've got a few snyails here today which are an adorable open species whose information I have linked above so let's just to it! These food Snayils, a lovely croissant and colourful hamburger are both OTA. I'm...
  12. T

    Looking for (Semi-)Open Species

    (I guess General is the best board for this? IDK. XD) Hello! I'm currently looking to design a new character for myself (just to draw), and I was thinking of making it an open species. I'm not exactly sure where to find a lot of others, so I figured I'd ask if anyone knows of any open or...
  13. Pteri

    New open species!

    This is a bit of a self advertisement, but at the same time it sort of isn't because I'm not making money off these... Whatever, the point is that I have recently created a new species called "Flormingoes" (Flora + Flamingo)! They're a hybrid between a plant (usually a flower) and a flamingo...
  14. DragonLolita

    Open Species!

    hey, I just wanted to advertise my open species :P link: www.furaffinity.net: New Open Species!! The Transmorphians!! by DragonLolita Do you guys like it? Also, how are you doing?
  15. Txtbooksh

    Does your Dutch Angel Dragon have an origin story? Please share!

    So I have had a Dutch Angel Dragon since June of last year and, aside from a few pieces of art here and there, I've not really done anything else for her. Of course I would love a fursuit but another thing I wanna work on would be Eshne's origin story; specifically how she came to appear in the...
  16. MAGIKzMushroom

    New Open Species: Serwolf

    Just a description of my open species which I created. If you would like to use the species for your Fursona or otherwise, feel free! just make sure to put my copyright for the species. Serwolf, a hybrid of a sergal and a wolf. They are an advanced species in terms of mating, and female...