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  1. Aviagua

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: ($60+) Various adopts available! Dragons, Felines, canines, etc.

    Please look at this gallery for full selection: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/aviagua/folder/933343/Open-Adopts I don't want to weigh this thread down with too many previews as there are a lot of adopts available. Emerald Dragon $75 USD https://www.furaffinity.net/view/41491267/...
  2. C

    15$ Fluffy Pomeranian Adopt

    15$, paypal!! comment or message me if you are interested! i can give you an adopt image without background after purchase
  3. Samantha Rose

    Dragon Adopts

    Hey~ Agian with some Adoptables I have some dragon Adopts for 10$ each :) If interested I can do custom ones too for 15$ pm or comment if interested. 1-Ice/Water Dragon 2-Bone/Fire Dragon 3-Wisdom/Telekenetic Dragon 4-Sky/Wind Dragon 5-Forest/Earth Dragon
  4. PigMint

    SB £25! Jackalope Adopt Up On Furaffinity!

    Check him out! www.furaffinity.net: [JACKALOPE AUCTION/ADOPT!] *open* by PigMint SB = £25 Min = £5 AB = £60 1. Please reply to the comment thread on the FurAffinity post! 2. Once you bid, you're locked in; do NOT edit or back out or you will be banned from future auctions! 3. PayPal only in...
  5. OphusAtta

    $10 Adopt Closed Species: Scarred Kyrat (OPEN)

    *** Kyrats Are A Closed Species *** I, OphusAtta, am the creator of this species. If you wouls like your own Kyrat, please contact me for more details I drew this cool dude as an example to use when describing my new species to other people. Now that a few other people have gotten their own...
  6. AngelicVortex


    Finally finished these tall chibi adopts! They turned out sooo cute! I really have half a mind to keep the cyclops but must resiiistt *u* I had a lot of fun with the edginess of the first adopt, I really like her scene/emo kinda look. Let me know what you think!! Comment or message me to...