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  1. CrypticCross

    (1/5 slots open!! $25USD-$200USD

    Hello! Commissions are still open! Paid on PayPal (Friends and Family) upfront before I begin with WIPs! (more examples here )1/5 slots open for any option: $25USD Chibi $45USD Portrait $80USD Fullbody (+$60USD other character) (+$5-$10USD basic design background, $20-$100USD extra depending...
  2. UntamedHalf

    Commission $2 Anthro Full Body Transparent Background

    Important Read = 1. Customer's payment must be received within 24 hours. 2. Payment only available through Paypal. 3. Customer paid first then Deximo Dreadus send the illustration or picture to the customer. 4. Sending image through Email, Telegram, or directly through customer's social...
  3. crshrck78

    (Commission) Selling: Open Commissions: 30usd SFW/NSFW couple draws temporal offer!

    >Any Species (Human, Furry, semi-humans, etc) >Detailed background have's an extra price >I love draw tentacles, do not hesitate to ask me for tentacle commissions >I don't have taboos, just don't ask me for gore or mecha > Payment: Only Paypal I receive the payment once the detailed sketch is...
  4. crshrck78

    (Other) Selling: NSFW COMIC PAGES (2 pages w/5 panels each pages) TEMPORAL OFFER!

    >Any Species (Human, Furry, semi-humans, etc) >Detailed background have's an extra price >I love draw tentacles, do not hesitate to ask me for tentacle commissions >I don't have taboos, just don't ask me for gore or mecha > Payment: Only Paypal I receive the payment once the detailed sketch is...
  5. BadKittyBits

    Pin Me Up | BadKitty's Bits

    BadKitty's Bits ------ Female frames preferred - paypal only ------ Pixel Pieces - $40 Flatcolor | $55 Fully Shaded 1 week turnaround (max) 2 Flat Slots 1 Shaded Slot These are much more time consuming than my smooth work, which is reflected in the price Can do exaggerated features, small...
  6. Liseran Thistle

    (Commission) Selling: 20-30$ Ref sheets, Profile pics, and more~!

    I'm open for commissions right now! I take 20-30$ depending on what you want, and the level of detail that you would like to add to the drawing. I do ref-sheets, profile pics, busts, full-body pics, and more! At the lowest, you can pay 20$ for any of these things with flat-colors, and if you...
  7. leleliciouus

    Open commission! SFW and NSWF[Lineart] 5$-15$

    I want to have a little more lineart in my gallery, so I open this commission to have more of my white chocolate style to show! [Chocolate white style] Simply a line work with details. Chibi: 10$ [PER CHARACTER] Headshot: 5$ [PER CHARACTER] Half Body: 10$ [PER CHARACTER] Full Body...
  8. lady-penumbra

    (Commission) Selling: SFW/NSFW ($10-$50)

    Update 11/23/19 - New Frequent Customer Discount (Information listed in the Pricing Section) - - - Hello! Thank you for looking at my thread, and I hope that I can work for you in the near future! I'm currently opening my Commissions to help catch up some some medical bills that snuck up on me...
  9. Juukuo

    (Commission) Selling: QUALITY ART SALE 15 USD half body (were 28 USD)

    Hey guys! I could really use some money right now, I have giant hospital bills to pay and I don't want it to go on my credit. I'm a full time student and it's been really difficult finding a job in my area. I'd taking any amount of commissions right now, but if it gets too much i can open...
  10. AnthroAL

    (Commission) Selling: $20 Painted Icons! (and other things)

    Taking slots for painted icons like these, $20 USD each, below are some examples, also open for Halfbodies which are $35 each, and Fullbodies are $50, examples of those can also be found below, also now doing Chibis for $10! Note me if your interested or have any questions. Icon examples...
  11. seagxll

    Fullbody Character Commissions (High Detail) 70 USD

    Hey, I'm currently doing some painted high detailed commissions for 70+ USD a piece, can do most species, if you're unsure just ask me. Nsfw is included. Message me or email me at maxhassell2@gmail.com with a reference and pose idea to get a quote. I can only take paypal. The example was done as...
  12. Kaiyotie

    Grand Opening Sale! 50% off!

    Hey fellow furs! I just launched off my store officially and I figured I would host a little sale to celebrate. Well... Little is an exaggeration- I'm cutting off 50% of the base price if your order through my shop! I have limited slots and they are first come first serve. You can take a peek...
  13. doodlecat021618

    headshots commissions 5-19$ (OPEN NEED)

    examples below art by me character belongs to GigaBit 3 hours really need to get commissions I'm saving up for a comicon this month payment is through paypal
  14. Oottsel

    Cheap Doodles

    Idk if y'all would be interested, but I'm opening up 10 slots for cheap little experimental doodles? I was injured at work last year, still injured and Dr. isn't doing much, been unable to find a job, and making myself sick because there are times where I go 3-4 days without eating anything. So...
  15. Zieli

    Ziel Omizu's Art Commissions [OPEN]

    Hey all! Just dropping in to let you know that my commissions are OPEN! My info can be found below: SFW: TOS / Prices + Examples | NSFW: TOS / Examples / Prices If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer them!
  16. silver.accalia

    Badge Commissions Open!

    I have 3/4 slots open for badge commissions! :) Here is a link for more info and examples: Deviantart: silveraccalia.deviantart.com: Commission Info Furaffinity: Commission Info for Silver.accalia -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Sizes and prices: Headshot: $12 usd + shipping, approx 4" by 3 1/2"...
  17. TheWolfCalledBunny

    A Wild Commission Post Appeared

    Hi there! I've opened commissions for the summer (and will keep them open long-term, however with fewer available slots at busier times). I can draw anthros, ferals, fan art, OCs, anything in between as long as it is safe for work and not a fetish piece. My style is primarily of the cutesy...