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  1. Just_A_Tundra

    What's the limit?

    So, I have been posting a lot of art on my account. Although, I want to know where people would draw the line as to what would be acceptable in furry art. I don't necessarily want to go too far into detail, because I'm sure that the details may be a bit much. I just want to know, from my fellow...
  2. Glitter_Daddy

    If you have the time, pick your favorite rough sketch.

  3. DrPepperAddict


    I have had my sona for about a year and I prefer natural looking sonas more often than not because neon green foxes get old. So when I made mine, I went for a more natural look and also incorporated parts of irl me (spot placement lines up with my irl skin condition and hair type/color) So I...
  4. kiroku

    RP & Relationships

    Hopefully this hasn't been discussed to death already. I have my telegram on my FA profile and I don't mind when anyone contacts me about whatever, but recently more and more of conversations I'm involved in start to turn into the other person beginning to RP with me. Usually it's friendly and...
  5. LeFay

    Fandom migrating to telegram

    So I wasn't sure about whether or not to post this in general or technology but since I'm looking for opinions and info and not tech info. So as a couple people know I do indepth research and information gathering on our fandom. I just find it fun :p Something I've noticed though is a high...
  6. Revolver_Thotcelot

    Fear Inoculum Released

    So, Tool's Fear Inoculum was finally released today. It absolutely lives up to the hype, in my opinion. I'm interested in hearing everyone else's opinion on the album that took 13 years to make.
  7. Puuki.milk


    Hey guys i would love to know some opinions on my latest art piece :) I rly like it what about you?
  8. Schneeauge

    Adoptable makers/buyers, I'm looking for your opinion

    Hi guys, I really hope this is the right place to ask your opinion and I would be very happy if you could answer me. :) The thing is, I often stumble over lovely adoptables that someone tries to sell. Unfortunately I can't buy them, but I would love to draw the character because... well, they...
  9. VulpineCorvid

    Anthro and Feral art Opinions

    When you guys view furry art, do you prefer anthro, feral, or both? They both are common types of furry art, and I want to know what you guys think. I love both, and it can also depend on what it is. Both anthro and feral characters can be drawn quite well, and can both be cute. They both use...
  10. Arnak

    What fictional areas would you live in?

    Have you even liked a place in a game, movie or show so much you wished you lived there? Let me hear your answers. U want to give a short summary of why you chose that area or what you'd do there, say so. It can be heart felt or not but most importantly... HAVE FUN
  11. VulpineCorvid

    Unconventional animals/things you find cute

    What are some unconventional things/animals that you find cute? For me, I love spiders, and I personally find them adorable, even the big ones! Unfortunately, most people don't think so. Does anyone else appreciate things that are often misunderstood or not thought to be cute?
  12. snizard

    Critique: some my drawings

    hello it's snizard here :3 i'll show you some works feel free to comment or give tips www.furaffinity.net: random dragon by snizard www.furaffinity.net: pika!!! by snizard www.furaffinity.net: Scuba diving floatzel Andrew by snizard www.furaffinity.net: flareon by snizard...
  13. F

    Your opinion on closed species?

    I have talked about this topic with some users here but I want to expand my horizon alot more. What do you think about closed species? Some of yall gonna be real mad at me but it must be said ! Imo I dislike them alot, its pretty much dumb in my point of view. I make an exception with species...
  14. Cannabiskitty

    Popular Opinions

    Animal Crossing is amazing. Nintendo Switch is the best console. O.K. Computer is the best album by Radiohead. Dr. Suess is a genius. Shakespeare is a genius. Asa Akira is a porn star. Adventure Time is very good, but flawed near the end of the series. Castlevania is the best Nintendo...
  15. skeletonizedskull

    bubbles are cool

    Bubbles are cool. But what's uncool is how many pictures of bubbles being bounced on, played with, or just laid on [non-sexually/lewd] is minimal when compared to how many are sexualized, given lewd visuals, or fetishized. I understand that those kinds of pictures [non-sexual bubble pictures]...
  16. Notkastar

    Reworked my Patreon Page to look more appealing, What do you think? ╹‿╹)

    Hey, How's it going? ╹‿╹) Don't worry I'm not asking for you to become a part of this, Just your opinion on this Patreon page if it is something you could see peeps pledging too. What I mean by that is that for the longest time I've been struggling to make it interesting and eye-catching...
  17. IkeFanboy64

    My thoughts (and questions) on this whole drone thing

    It seems that in the past few months, I've been seeing a bunch of this drone art. Quite frankly, it's a hard "what the hell am I looking at!?", but yet I find it interesting from a scientific perspective. It's like watching a disturbing video. I don't know if it would be guilty pleasure or...
  18. snizard

    Open to all opinion

    Hello I'm snizard ^-^ I would have your feedback and know what do you think about my gallery. All comments are welcomed Userpage of snizard -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  19. Pheanir

    Is feedback by a layman important?

    Something I noticed about feedback while browsing different websites (not only on FA): It seems like when somebody who isn't a professional criticizes somebody else's work on a constructive level it gets rejected - especially if the criticism targets somebody who actually is a professional...
  20. N

    Sci-Fi or Fantasy?

    Books, Movies, TV, Video Games, it doesn't matter. Which one do you find to be the more interesting genre as far as entertainment goes and why?