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opinions wanted

  1. brisma

    A 3D furry character creator?

    Hey ! I was wondering if people would be somewhat interested in one of those dressup type softwares where you can make your own designs, but in 3D. Looked up what Play Store had to offer and it seems that furry apps are like 85% of the time dressup games (but in 2d and honestly some were sort...
  2. Checrypt_01

    What would you rank my favorite out of the songs I've made?. 1 to 10

    Like I've said before, I am a music producer. I have been for 3 years now. And I made a song at the start of this year, and it is to this day, my favorite song It is called "Christmas with dragons pt 2". And the name basically gives you the theme of the song right away. It's a sequel to a...
  3. F

    Question about genitalia (18+ i guess)

    I'm very confused when people hate on furry who draws animal genitalia and calling them zoophiles though the mentioned artists only draws anthro not even ferals. Is there really a problem in a furry community with people who draw animal genitalia on their oc? I mean even a simple dog penis is...
  4. MagnusLucra

    Plantigrade, Digitigrade, or Unguligrade?

    When thinking of an anthro, which is your favorite aesthetic? Plantigrade - Walking on flat feet. Digitigrade - Walking on toes. Unguligrade - Walking on nails, or hooves.
  5. MagnusLucra

    What does the furry community need?

    No really, I've been feeling like somethings are missing from this fandom, but I can't quite put my finger on it. So I want to pass the question onto my peers because I am genuinely curious. What are we missing?
  6. DrPepperAddict


    I have had my sona for about a year and I prefer natural looking sonas more often than not because neon green foxes get old. So when I made mine, I went for a more natural look and also incorporated parts of irl me (spot placement lines up with my irl skin condition and hair type/color) So I...
  7. marwmellow

    I did my first commission art

    Hola! Finally I did my first commission art c: What do you think about this? www.furaffinity.net: Iris [Commission] by marwmellow
  8. SnakeSnacker

    Favorite kinds of character pairings?

    For instance, I like the shtick of angry serious bodyguard who protects a naive and ditzy (but secretly smart) creature of high status. I also like the relationship trope between two incredibly proud narcissists who are reluctantly starting to care anout someone (eachother) other than...
  9. Freia the arctic fox

    Admin Review: Our controversial fandom

    For most parts this is a very kind and caring community. Most furies I know are very normal looking people and in my experience furies are usually less viable in real life than people from other fandom's. When people think of furies they think of the cringe beings on the planet and for some that...
  10. IkeFanboy64

    What is your least favorite type of plot in a TV show?

    Like the title said, out of all the type of plots that appear in TV, what is your least favorite? For me, it would easily be mind control plots. I've never liked these, primarily due to one of the first examples of this I've seen being from that one episode of Danny Phantom that debuted the...
  11. Twiphase3468

    Quick Survey: what should I make next?

    Ever since spring 2018 (honestly forgot which month exactly I've doing it ^^u), I have been making mostly OTAs and sometimes occasionally a couple of YCHs. Most of these are SFW. Below are my art examples, including my old sketches I made when I was an amateur : Artwork Gallery for Twiphase3468...
  12. FOX-POP

    Anatomy style choices: What's your?

    I found a topic on the FA forum, talking about anatomy and style... it was about "how much good should the anatomy be"... but it also made me think about how do we re-work over the human anatomy details for our own furry style! Any artist, for example, keeps a certain human-animal ratio...
  13. kemo_the_kitty

    Heyo! I've made another song I'd like to have some criticism/opinions about it

    It's Trap, just saying before hand lol This is my second song that I release under the name of Kemo (yay). It actually took me too long to get it to a point where I liked everything from this song. But you know, I want see if something's missing or some tips :3. Any kind of support (sharing...
  14. Prostapheresys

    Hc Svnt Dracones (tabletop RPG): personal reviews?

    Good day! I recently came to know the very interesting game of Hc Svnt Dracones and its lore, setting and mechanics after buying the base manual as well as the Core: Extended manual. Unfortunately I still haven't found the chance to play it (me and my friends also playing D&D, Pathfinder and...
  15. Emstylauzer

    Color Scheme help!!

    So I need help deciding on the color scheme for my newest border collie fursona! (Also a name after I choose the final colors) I'd love opinions! Also people seem to really like the first one but I'm not too sure about it cause I feel it's not enough?? If that makes sense?? What are your thoughts?
  16. Arlethallan

    New icon opinions wanted

    Hey y'all i made a new icon for myself,and i really like it,but it still looks kind of wonky, so could y'all telling if it looks weird to y'all, cus i just can figure out why it looks off. The icon in question:
  17. S

    A Wolf Dating Sim Feedback...?

    Hey yo!! I'm fairly new in the furry community and i want to ask, are any of you interested in a dating simulator but with wolves?? Is currently just a concept so there's not much to show and i'm both the writer and the artist while my bff is the designer and programmer The player is a female...
  18. peachy-keen

    What type of YCH would you like to see more of?

    I've recently wanted to start doing YCH (your character here) stuff for commissions but I feel like a ton of them are floating around since it's an easy way to make quicker case instead of throwing commissions out. What kind of YCH illustrations do you wish you saw more of? I'm curious as to...
  19. Yakamaru

    What are your thoughts on romantic RP's?

    Only a month ago I considered myself 100% straight. But about a week ago I came across a VERY hot and steamy NSFW RP going between two friends of mine, and I ended up curious as hell as a result. Now I consider myself 99% straight and 1% bi-curious, at least as far as RP is concerned. Aaand...