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  1. B

    Adopt Opinions

    DISCLAIMER: This is not a rant on everyone who doesn't like and/or aren't into adopts. This is only about people who make comments similar to the ones I used as examples when the situation didn't call for them. You thought this would be your typical discussion about adopts/adopt artists when...
  2. N

    What would your reaction be if real Furries (not fantasies, but flesh and blood) suddenly appeared in the world? what would happen in your vision?

    What would your reaction be if real Furries (not fantasies, but flesh and blood) suddenly appeared in the world? what would happen in your vision?
  3. Rap Daniel

    I need your opinions!

    In games like War Thunder where I can unlock vehicles from many different countries, I always prefer to unlock American vehicles. Why do you guys think I do that?
  4. Aika the manokit

    Favorite Pokemon

    What are your favorite Pokemon? Or just anything in Pokemon you adore. Example categories. Cutest Coolest Beautiful Favorite type(s) Your go to Pokemon Pokemon you think are cute that others don't Don't let the categories limit your response, just let loose with with your Pokemon knowledge...
  5. NigelMorgan

    Thoughts on the New Gorillaz song/series?

    So I don't know about you guys, but I'm a big Gorillaz fan, and a big fan of Damon Albarn and his work in general. Most of the bands I follow don't release music very often, so whenever they do its like a mini Christmas to me. I was pretty intrigued when Sound Machine was teased and I wasn't...
  6. Bluefiremark II

    League of legends anniversary

    Hey! So, i thought it'd be a good idea to start talking with people about all the new things, changes, etc. There's a LOT of information released today, if you don't know- either go look things up or ask me! I want to see what other people's opinions are on these mew announcements!
  7. SnakeSnacker

    Favorite kinds of character pairings?

    For instance, I like the shtick of angry serious bodyguard who protects a naive and ditzy (but secretly smart) creature of high status. I also like the relationship trope between two incredibly proud narcissists who are reluctantly starting to care anout someone (eachother) other than...
  8. Miles Marsalis

    No Man's Sky

    I finally got a dedicated laptop with Window 10 foisted on me, so of course I'm taking advantage of it and probably playing a few games on it. I've wanted to play No Man's Sky for the longest time, so I ordered it and promptly realized I know very little about the actual gameplay. I'm basically...
  9. L

    Come on Zelda fans!

    So, I am a HUGE fan of the Legend of Zelda series. I started with OoT 3D, which instantly became my favourite game in the world, and then it kind of progressed from there. I don't want heated arguments about games, but just a sharing of opinions. I'll start off with my most controversial Zelda...
  10. Jiccs

    Advice for shading and additions to my new sona, Envy!

    Let me start by saying I love my new sona, but she feels a bit bland still despite all her markings and power. I was thinking of adding another shade of grey or perhaps gold parts for highlights. What do you guys think?
  11. Jackpot Raccuki

    Thoughts on VR?

    So as many of you should be aware, VR exists, for those who for some reason don't know, it means virtual reality. This thread will ideally talk about VR for PC, but y'know not limited to just PC so we can talk about console VR. Oculus Rift link Oculus HTC Vive link VIVE™ | Discover Virtual...
  12. IkeFanboy64

    What is your least favorite type of plot in a TV show?

    Like the title said, out of all the type of plots that appear in TV, what is your least favorite? For me, it would easily be mind control plots. I've never liked these, primarily due to one of the first examples of this I've seen being from that one episode of Danny Phantom that debuted the...
  13. S

    Unplopular Opinions

    Im making a new unpopular opinions thread cause the other is dead. The rules are straight forward. What is your (mullets still rock) unpopular opinion. You don't need a reason or defense.
  14. CreamyOpossum

    What Should Be Valued More? Traditional or Digital Art?

    Hey there fellow furs! Lately, I’ve been putting together prices for pieces of art I can offer. Since that can be a bit of a thinker for those just starting out, I thought to look at what others are pricing their arts. From what I’ve seen, a lot of prices are for digital art of course but when...
  15. D

    The best and the worst of the fandom

    Name one virtue of the furry fandom that makes it a great community. Name one area in which the fandom at large should work on to improve or become more acceptable. You can answer this question with regards to the fandom in relation to itself, in relation to non-furries (namely the part of...
  16. verneder

    Accepting and considering other opinions

    so, I have had a multitude of political discussions with people, and it tends to be no one can accept a different opinions. I notice this slightly more on the left, Since majority of rights I know are not extreme (maybe?), and I feel leftists are less accepting of others because of the extreme...
  17. Prostapheresys

    Hc Svnt Dracones (tabletop RPG): personal reviews?

    Good day! I recently came to know the very interesting game of Hc Svnt Dracones and its lore, setting and mechanics after buying the base manual as well as the Core: Extended manual. Unfortunately I still haven't found the chance to play it (me and my friends also playing D&D, Pathfinder and...
  18. peachy-keen

    What type of YCH would you like to see more of?

    I've recently wanted to start doing YCH (your character here) stuff for commissions but I feel like a ton of them are floating around since it's an easy way to make quicker case instead of throwing commissions out. What kind of YCH illustrations do you wish you saw more of? I'm curious as to...
  19. L

    Why sex ed?

    Hello my fellow furries, I've just been wondering what everyone's thoughts and ideas are about sex ed in school? (Disclaimer: I live in Canada, so my education may be different from yours) Sure I find it necessary to know how to use a condom to prevent having a baby and all that, however, I'm...
  20. O

    getting into the Art, LF hints & Constructive criticism

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and I'm looking for hints, feedbacks and constructive criticism on the Art I've been trying to improve my drawing lately through tutorials, references from the body and all that sort of things people use to tell you to follow. (if there is some kind of...