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  1. Starlet Fables

    I need help to improve myself! Can you help me?

    Hiyo, everyone! So, I was so frantic with posting a lot of drawings and having a portfolio quickly that I started to neglect my own growth as an artist, we all know we want to have sucessful careers but the despair shouldn't hinder us from our journey. Now, I now this is VERY vague but I want...
  2. N

    What's the matter with the puppy porn or the puppy porn artist?

    I really declare myself to be a person with a great sexual taste, but for a while, with my short interaction time in the furry community, I noticed a certain contrast behind my companions' opinions about this, what do you think?
  3. N

    What if the Furrys suddenly became real these days?

    Eu estava refletindo o cenário lisonjeiro de nossas aspirações e fursonas se tornarem reais em carne e osso da noite para o dia, o que você acha que aconteceria, como você reagiria?
  4. N

    Furries Became Real?!!

    describe this scenario: our Furries suddenly start to appear overnight in our time, in our world, you see on the news, what happens? what is your reaction what will happen to the world?