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  1. A

    (Commission) Selling: SFW and NSFW. Realistic artist trying to find clients :)

    Hi everyone !! I'm Kuro :) I mostly draw realistic digital drawings, but i adapt to every style and art. I recently discovered furry world, so i don't have a lot of samples, but i adapt to any specy, any gender, any request :) I only have a few orders left, and i'm looking for people who may be...
  2. Lorel

    Main Site Folders unsortable

    I recently added a new folder to my FA gallery and wanted to sort it into it's correct position. Only to then find out that the sorting doesn't work proper anymore. You click on an arrow and either nothing happens or the folder is just randomly pushed somewhere. It's super annoying. This is...
  3. Zehlua

    What food did the person above you order?

    It could be at a restaurant, stall, or home delivery!
  4. Teal_Avokado

    Celtic and traditional comissions! 15$-60$

    Hello there! I want to begin take comissions but now I can draw only with traditional materials :) What I can draw - everything and everyone. NSFW too :3 I take ONLY paypal and ONLY USD for payment. If your character have many complex details or detailed clothing, the price can be higher...
  5. Ashwolves5

    Fur-Xoticon: Catering all your furry needs

    https://fur-xoticon.org/ So I'll be dealing at furxoticon this year. I will be under the name WolfieWear. Who else is going? Ive seen quite a few other dealers im familiar with that will be there too. It'll be nice to support a smaller convention once again. if you want to get a commission of...