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  1. Cynicallia

    Finetune Friends/Watching/Specifics

    Hey, hey. I love my friends, but I'm not into everything they post, and I hate seeing notifications that I'm only going to delete without looking at or reading. (OCD, it kept me from even watching ANY of my friends at all for the longest time.) I think it would be great to choose the things I do...
  2. ~Wolf_in_the_Mask

    Main Site 24-hour clock format, please!

    Greetings! I am not sure if I am just unable to find it or if this indeed isn't a thing somehow, but FurAffinity forces me to either use the "a day ago" or "Nov 3, 2020 12:14 AM" time format, and I find both inconvenient; month precedes the day and you have these mysterious marking "AM" and...
  3. A

    Looking for help putting stuff on TH and AO3

    Looking for someone to organize and put stuff on TH and AO3 Offering $20-$30 a month
  4. Le Chat Nécro

    Suggestion: Discord Directory Sticky

    So imo, there are too many individual discord advertising threads on these forums. It's overwhelming, unhelpful, and gunks up the new post feed. Since discord seems to only be growing more and more in popularity, I suggest a stickied thread that acts as a directory for all discord servers either...
  5. TayMalerei

    Do you use Trello?

    So I just started using Trello and it confused me a lil at first but OH MY GOD is it great for organizing! I made one for keeping track of adopts and another for keeping track of commissions ♥ Trello Trello If you have trouble keeping track of your workload definitely check it out!!
  6. daeofthepast

    Folders for Faves??

    hi i'm pretty new to FA(left years ago and came back) so i still don't know how to work a lot of things how do you make folders for your favorites?? or is there a different way to better organize my favorites?? :0
  7. R

    Furry Organization

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to have a chat about the idea of a furry organization. I know in the past, the American Furry Association (AFA) tried to become a thing, but it looks like it failed. If you ask me, this was due to its goals being way too large and potentially stepping on some...
  8. Haru Totetsu

    Organising Account - A Request for Help

    To whom it may concern... Well my Grace Period has ended and I'm adding to favourites again. Which means I'm adding everything that backed up in my inbox and then continuing with my organization plans. If you are interested in my organization plan that was detailed on the journal linked above...