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original character

  1. CocaColaAndCheetoes

    Did Up My OC In More Modern-Wear For Ace Week!

  2. Plouc the Dragon

    My Personal Artwork of Plouc the Dragon ✨

    EDIT: New title, because I wanted to post my artowrk of my scalesona. I made my scalesona about a month ago. What do you think of my perma-preggy dragon, Plouc? https://www.furaffinity.net/view/48660693/
  3. mantiscat

    my OC

    i made an oc yesterday!! it’s a mantis and cat, so a mantiscat! it’s my first time really trying to draw furries, so let me know what you think! hes an 19 year old mantiscat and he walks runways ^^
  4. River_Draconia

    Help with OC design Miss CinderFox

    What would you add to this char? I feel there's something missing, it's supposed to be a wolf-fox hybrid. Working on the name too... what about "Mindy CinderFox" Any feedback welcome
  5. CaptainCandyass

    Hiring: ($100+) Colosseum Fighting Scenario

    Just a forewarning, if you don't have experience drawing Furries, Females, Males, Clothing, Weapons or Backgrounds, you have less chances of being selected. Please be prepared to provide examples of these things. Contact Me Discord #Zak5090 Userpage of CaptainCandyass -- Fur Affinity [dot] net...
  6. LizardKing05

    Hiring: ($35+) (CLOSED) Need Help with Redesigning my SONIC OC

    Need an artist who can help me redesign my hedgehog OC and make him look more unique. I've asked some users about them and I've been told the design base makes him generic-looking (despite his backstory). Looking for someone who specializes in drawing Sonic the Hedgehog characters with...
  7. AntaresIceslayer

    Which one of my furry OCs are you ? (quiz)

    Here's the link https://uquiz.com/lKHzh1 This is my first time doing something like this, I just made this for fun, so far only my friends and few people I know taken this quiz, but I thought I'd share it to the wider audience for research purposes Just have fun, I'd also love to hear your...
  8. N

    'Red Carpet Flash' YCH [NSFW]

    [NSFW]! 7 slots left! New project y'alls <3 A bunch of OCs have been invited to the Red Carpet at a great gala opening, wearing their prettiest dresses and suits! Only thing is- when the green light flashes each and everyone of them must flash the cameras ;D Some of them will flash their...
  9. HarpyFeather

    Anything you want written! NSFW, Biography of an OC/Fursona [8+ Years of Experiance]

    Hello! My name is Feather and I am a freelance writer looking to write fiction for people who don’t have their specific fantasies met! I am best at fiction, specifically romantic and NSFW fiction about specialized kinks, and simple romantic stories that make everyone in their realm of desires...
  10. Neigh-Ella

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) Emergency DnD/Character Ref Commissions CLOSED! ( 3 Slots )

    Thank you for the support everyone!! All slots have been claimed. Hi all! Opening up some very quick commissions up before university starts up again in March. While these commissions are geared toward DnD characters, I can do any other sort of tabletop character or theme! Just be sure to state...
  11. CommissionsNOW

    Thinking of creating my first Fursona. Thoughts?

    Hello, I've been thinking of making a sona for myself called Snow. They'll be white with a very pale accent color like blue or gray for example. It's my first time making one for myself. Since I don't really have a sense of self and have Aphantasia I'm looking for some input. How do you guys...
  12. Wheat-Meat

    (Commission) Selling: NSFW Writing commissions OPEN!

    You can find more specific info here. I charge 12 EUR every 1,500 words, and I currently only accept commissions from fandoms I know and Original characters. Paypal only. Please do not DM me here for commissions, but note me on my Furaffinity.
  13. FloppyPony

    I'm new to comics - please check mine out

    Name: Pippi the happy pupper Style: Single comics with wholesome themes and cute characters Theme: designed to make you smile or laugh or teach you something about being nice www.furaffinity.net: Pippi the Happy Pup - Ant Friend by FloppyPony I am trying this out. I'm new to this type of...
  14. FloppyPony

    Floppy's Story - a MLPFiM AU OC fanfic GRIMDARK WARNING

    Name: Floppy's Story Type: My little pony friendship is magic fanfic Themes: Slice of life, Grimdark and gore (only dark at end) Description: Floppy is a new pony in town but is she really cut out for this? Will she ever find her place here in Ponyville? We will see... Critique wanted: pretty...
  15. B

    Request: Possible Birthday Gift? [Closed for another year lol]

    Hello! I just turned 21 and decided to shoot my luck. Lol I was wondering if any of you guys would like to draw my new character! The artist is Darimgos on both FA and DA. His colors are different from the original, but that's because the artist's rules said I could change them, so I did...
  16. TaviBoba

    Boba art dump

    Here’s some art, I will probably update it when I remember! For more art and frequent updates check my FA and Twitter! Currently I do not have commis0ns open ;-; maybe soon?
  17. CanadianSin

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Adopts/OC Characters For Sale ($330-525 USD)

    ~2 Characters Left~ ~I'll be selling most of my OriginalCharacters & Adopts and would appreciate the purchaes~ Some characters are NSFW, but they'll be marked appropriately both on TH (Toyhouse) and FA (furaffinity) For every link, I'll show the TH one and the FurAffinity one Characters...
  18. leleliciouus

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Mystery Adop! 30$-120$

    The Melanie and SCP mistery box package arrives! Do you want to know what's inside this pretty box?
  19. ZombieBun

    New to Digital

    Honestly getting used to digital is really hard. I think in the future I'll sketch my OC on paper and then do the line art and color digitally. Constructive criticism welcome!
  20. hyaenida

    (Commission) Selling: Art-RPG and Character Portraits (starting at 5$)

    Hello! I'm a self taught artist who offers commissions to get through university! I don't really have a presence on furaffinity I just watch and fav there, but you can look for examples of my art on my deviantart account. Bear in mind that it's mostly filled with Art-RPG content, which is kept...