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original character

  1. GenkeiZwei

    My fursona, took a lot of time to draw, critique (and compliments) wellcome.

    If you would like to read more about Tenso, and there is a lot, here is his character bio: forums.furaffinity.net: Tenso Koumori, My bat fursona
  2. Nudeus

    Traditional Art

    My tablet pen is broken so I'll be stuck to traditional art for a while. But that's no excuse not to keep drawing and get in plenty of practice! I LOVE drawing boys. No slots but I might be choosy. Here are my rules! I WILL draw: +NSFW (any sexuality) +Gore/Guro +Fanart of any fandom +Any...
  3. GenkeiZwei

    Tenso Koumori, My bat fursona

    Name: Tenso Last-name: Koumori Nicknames: Mori, X-so Species: Bat Age: 20 Birthplace: Japan Height: 176 Cm Wight: 65-70 kg Body type: Slim athletic Quirks: Tenso has 3 normal fingers and 2 extreamly long ones to which his wings are connected. His wings are also connected to his body, making it...
  4. Mnedei

    New Main Fursona : Nemno!

    If Something Is Not Clear, Please Comment! Name: Nemno Jojape (Neh-Min-Oh / (Ho-Jah-Pé) Age: Young Adult ( In Young 20's) Gender: Female; She/Her Species: Bob Cat/Herb Dragon*. An Herb Dragon, (I made up.) Is a type of dragon whom can not be poisoned or sick. Can eat any herb and they normally...
  5. Flerivous

    A Shy Drotter, A Loving Heart

    Hello, everyone. I’m a bit new to the FA community. I’ve had an FA account for a while, but I’ve never been on the forum before. I’m a little lost for words at the moment, but that may change as I may start to ramble. I welcome any & all to message me; I’m actually looking for a boyfriend. >///<...
  6. XeronaArt

    Hello! I like OCs!

    Hi! I'm Xerona! I like to draw ocs a lot and never finish drawings... "> 3 > I love talking about original characters and drawing them and I have a lot of inspiration from games. I would love to try and make new art friends because holy crap it's hard finding irl art friends. I love playing...
  7. E

    A New Werewolf - looking for feedback

    Hello all. I've been working on my weregirl, Vala, for sometime now and finally got around to writing up a bio sheet for her. I don't have the backstory all sorted yet, but basically it's a bastardization of the "raised by wolves" trope. She is a human who used to live with the other humans in...
  8. monsterlordgarou

    Rock Candycorn Adopt Auction! 7$!

    you can modify if however you wish once it's yours, just please credit the original design to me! ✨Starting Bid: 7$ ✨Min. Increase: 1$ ✨Auto Buy: 50$ Paypal only please! ends on 06/27 bid here: www.furaffinity.net: Rock Candycorn Adopt Auction by monsterlordgarou www.furaffinity.net: Rock...
  9. drawain

    ADOPTABLE: Unique Icedragon (ends today)

    If you adore dragons you might check out my auction over on FA! :3 www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN]AUCTION // Ice-Dunnardra by Drawain www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN]AUCTION // Ice-Dunnardra by Drawain www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN]AUCTION // Ice-Dunnardra by Drawain Feel free to comment or leave...
  10. tobiasred

    Dragon Character For Sale on Auction

    Hi All, I'm going to be working on making random D&D characters to time myself with my drawings lately, so I'm going to be making a lot of characters I don't need but other people may want! You don't have to use them for D&D but they are going to be D&D Based. There will be more auctions in the...
  11. M

    OC art trade

    I want to draw my characters doing things with other character AND see other people draw my characters interacting with theirs. Kinda like light RP-ing but with pictures since i'm not much of a writer. It can be original stuff or Mass Effect related, SFW or NSFW (Guy on Guy) Here's a link to...
  12. Blaruu

    Dragon OC request

    Hey guys! I've never had much in the way of pictures of my OC from other people, even after 4-5 years of owning him and actively using him in RP. I was hoping I could request my Dragon; Fo Viing. Here's a couple refs! www.furaffinity.net: Fo Viing - OC COMMISSION FROM ANOTHER ARTIST. by...
  13. Aqua-Spirit22

    Cute clean doodles, 1-2 characters for $5 !

    Hello! I'm here to offer some doodles that are fun to draw, easy and cheap! Only $5 :> For that price I will draw up to 2 characters, any more than that will be $2 extra. One complex design character is good to go for $5 but two or more will be discussed. You can contact me in English or...
  14. xanfi

    NSFW of an OC - 40$

    I'm looking for someone to draw an OC in a specific NSFW setting. Please include some examples in replies, and your FA or email so I can reach you and give you some more details. Paying thru PayPal. The OC: www.furaffinity.net: Rono Rotating 3D - OC by xanfi (Warning: NSFW)
  15. ThefriendlyFurry

    [Closed] I Would Like Someone to Draw My OCs If They Want to and Are Able to Do So.

    Ok So I have several OC's that are currently just ref sheets (Name, age, background, etc.) But i have no art for them because: A). I don't have the software nor time to digitally draw them, nor do I have the money to spend on commissions. B). I wanna use this as an opportunity to not only meet...
  16. J

    free oc sketches

    hey guys just started posting some of my OCs in FA, willing to draw a couple for free since i really enjoy drawing OCs. would like to eventually make a little money ($5) if people end up liking these sketches, but for now beggars can't be choosers lol if anyone is interested in a free OC let me...
  17. P

    $15 -$35 Full-color commissions

    I am doing commissions of any character or OC you want. I can do just about anything, from mammals to insects to plants. I can do anthro plants if you wish. I have a few slots open, and if you want to know exactly what I can do, as well as examples, go to this journal on dA. My prices are $15...
  18. LinnyChanPL

    OC! Need advice and tips!

    Hello again! So few people from there know my Fursona - Linnie. The white fem wolf. But I'm also creating a new OC. I always loved characters which were mysterious or just crazy. Totally insane even. That's why I had an idea for insane OC. For now his nickname is CHESHIRE (in caps) because I...
  19. D

    Dawn's Commissions! [NOW OPEN!]

    I’m doing Traditional Art Commissions! (And yes that includes furries!) Things I will Draw: Humans, Animals, Furries/Anthros (Ding Ding Ding!!!), Pokemon, Canon Characters, OCs Basically just ask me and I’ll let you know if it’s ok. Just don’t forget to give me references for something you...
  20. tobiasred

    My Commissions Open

    My normal rate is $15/Hour NSFW is $10 added to the price I have the right to refuse a commission if the illustration is something I am uncomfortable with or something I may not feel confident in drawing. Examples: I WILL NOT DRAW Pedophilia or Scat, I am uncomfortable with my ability to draw...