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original characters

  1. B

    OC Co-ownership?

    I'm looking for folks that have in the past and/or currently co-own a character with somebody. What is your experience with it? How did you find someone to co-own with and how did you come to your decision? Anyone can comment on this thread I guess, but I'm mostly looking for folks that have...
  2. miss_samychan

    Free Art: Art, Customs, Redesigns

    Welcome to my art freebies, redesigns and customs! I'm offering those and they're most likely always open BUT I will only do them when I feel like it. Otherwise we can do an art trade or you can commission me, once they're open (soon). Will draw Most ferals (felines, canines,...) Dragons...
  3. A

    New to the forum, been acquainted with the site and fandom for years.

    Hihi all. As the title says, I'm new here, but not new in general. I made an account to suggest blacklist tags, but I suppose I should try and be social too =3 I'm Aludra, I mostly stick to furry arts and various crafts, and love me some videogames.
  4. Berry_Slice

    Hiring: ($50+) (Closed) Two Character Pinup Sketch: Lunar New Years Themed

    Hello, I am looking for an artist to hire for a two character pinup piece of my two girls pressing against each other in tiger-skin bikinis for the upcoming holiday xD. I do have a pose in mind, but if anyone wants to reach out to me for what I have in mind I will send it to ya! Or if I come...
  5. O

    [5/5 OPEN] Femme Fatals Adoptables

    Auctioning some monsters designers I had for an original waifu monster collecting idea. Think Pokemon or Digimon, but it's just female monsters. Too bad the idea never went anywhere. Designs: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/45555128/ [OPEN] Bakenya the Bakeneko SB: 10 AB: 50 [OPEN] Gi-Ge the...
  6. B

    What will happen to your fursona(s)/character(s) when you are no longer alive?

    I know, I know. It's a morbid question, but it is one I am genuinely interested in seeing answers to. I started thinking about this after thinking about my mortality, which many of us do. I ended up thinking of maybe putting my fursona and other characters in a will, or giving them away myself...
  7. FurryGuardian816

    Main Site OC Registry

    You know, it would be grand to have a page to see all the OC's made, who they belong to, and what guidelines they have. Like Ask the author, creative commons, etc. I'd love to know the guidelines firsthand, especially due to the heartaches I had in August 2019 (I'd explain, but, even though...
  8. H

    Hiring: (Closed) More art of my OCs/maybe a reference sheet from $20-$150.

    Hey everyone! Hoodman87 here. I'm looking to commission more art of my OCs as shown on my profile page: Userpage of Hoodman87 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net NSFW characters and art. Check the gallery for what type of styles I like. Here are the details of the OCs: Mistress Malice - A Black Large...
  9. FurryGuardian816

    Creative Commons OCs

    I'm an artist who has leaned towards the creative commons, and the OC's I create are in this category. You are free to use them as long as you credit me as their creator. Artwork Gallery for Noah888 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  10. CattishOne

    Sketchbook: CattishOne's Drawings

    Hi! I recently got into the furry fandom and figured to share my art on the forum. Up until now I mostly drew friends' D&D characters, but I'd love to branch out and draw more furries! ✨ FurAffinity ✨ Tumblr ✨ Twitter ✨ Instagram ✨
  11. Kierof

    Request: (CLOSED)(NSFW) Female Furry OC request!

    (CLOSED) Warning : My arts contain some weird fetish that I like. If you've willing to send your OCs here. I don't guarantee about your OC's aftermath! Hi, people! I'm interested at drawing NSFW furry arts! But I'm bored at my OC.... I need the inspiration of drawing NSFW art by your OCs...
  12. Khei

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Retired OCs available for adoption ($5 minimum)

    Details on my FA journal- www.furaffinity.net: Retired OCs up for Adoption -- MarbledKitsu's Journal Offering up my roster of retired characters for sale/adoption. BrnctKhei on Toyhouse If you see one you like, DM your offer. (Bare minimum $5 CAD please.) PayPal or interac e-transfer only...
  13. Olsie

    (Commission) Selling: Demons to furries, demon furries? Oc/fursona/persona Portraits starting at 20USD!

    Hi there this is Kimber on FA, I hope I'm doing this right, this is my first time signing up in the forums and I'd like to promote what I can do for you. I'm in a bit of a rough spot with finances and would like to offer my skills to pay the bills (and spoil my furbabies) I've been doing...
  14. Roadkill-Sarny

    Looking for a Short Story Commission

    Hey guys, I don't know how many writers there are out there but I was hoping to find someone who'll write a short story about a female bat OC of mine. If you're interested, comment here or send me a note. Hope to hear from you all. :3 My female bat OC and ShadowTech assassin Vanessa is...
  15. Fox King

    Full-Body and Portrait Commissions Available

    Hello, I'm available for commissions so if you are interested it getting your original character illustration or you need a gift for a friend send me a message. I have set prices for my portraits and full body pieces but if you want something more unique and elaborate we can definitely work...
  16. A

    You're a new Rainbow Six operator. Tell us about yourself.

    To those who don't know what the hell I'm talking about, basically in this game called Rainbow Six: Siege there's this fictional counter-terrorism task force, Team Rainbow, whose operators are recruited from the most renowned elite units in the world such as SAS, SWAT, Spetsnaz, GSG9 and so...
  17. galo

    Do you like my style? :P

    I draw since I was 12, but just recenlty I developed and style i like it. Maybe it is too simplistic, I`m not sure, but I really like it. I wolud greatly appreciate if you give me your opinions about my style. xD I know almost every character I drew is a cat or feline, I can draw lots of species...
  18. Nudeus

    ☆Sketches, Flats, and Painted!☆

    Sketches [$20 - $30] Flat color example [$50 + $25 per added character!] Painted example [$80 + $40 per added character!] ✧Please be either be VERY descriptive or provide references. ✧I’ll only start your commission after receiving payment but I will absolutely send WIPs and work with you...
  19. XeronaArt

    Hello! I like OCs!

    Hi! I'm Xerona! I like to draw ocs a lot and never finish drawings... "> 3 > I love talking about original characters and drawing them and I have a lot of inspiration from games. I would love to try and make new art friends because holy crap it's hard finding irl art friends. I love playing...
  20. TikTikKobold

    Writing Commissions Available!

    Writing commissions available, starting at .011USD/word ($11 for 1000 word pieces) Minimum 500 words. (5.50 US) I am a writer who is interested in trying new things and expanding my repertoire. I love getting into the minds of new characters and breathing life into them. Also, I just plain love...