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  1. LizardKing05

    Need Opinions on Sona (CLOSED)

    Got a reference sheet of my mouse Sonic sona but never got the colors down. After asking a guy from FA's opinion, I made some additions and I'd like more opinions on the colors I chose (and maybe some suggestions too). If you're an artist you can make color edits too. He must stay white though...
  2. SugarSkullGlider

    Created a new Universe, Rapture Free Read

    Link Here www.furaffinity.net: Ch1~ Rapture: Age of the Cryptids by SugarSkullGlider so I am not breaking rules about long posts. It is a post-apocalyptic setting that focuses on cryptids in the future. Mainly at the moment I am focusing on Werewolf Tribes but I plan to update this frequently...
  3. R

    Vioko Moonlight, the Demon BloodFox

    Okie then. I like all these ideas about sonas and such. and I never realized that I never publicly showed my sona! So, here's to that. Name: Vioko Moonlight Age: Twenty Two Gender: Male Species: Bloodfox (Custom Species) Abilities: Many, will be named in the bio. Aliases: The Demonic...
  4. sparrowexe

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $5-$20 Design Adopts (OPEN)

    Given how DeviantArt has taken a sharp plummet from decent art site to horrible mess where no one can find anything, I decided to try moving here. This is my first time using this website for selling anything, so if I mess up on format feel free to tell me so so I may improve in the future...
  5. DariusTheLoony

    Soul Thief (Original Story - Ongoing)

    Greetings ladies and gentlemen, furries all alike, I wanted to introduce my newest story to you all, I write one or two chapters a week every weekend. Trust me when I say that it is not your ordinary story and it is for individuals that is 18 and up so you were discretion is advised...
  6. Trevorbluesquirrel

    Request: Holiday Sona Art?

    Happy Holidays to you all! I'd like to suggest that if anyone here would like to draw me, Trevor, with their OC's, that't be lovely! Whether holiday themed, wholesome, or kinky, I'd love to see anything you can doodle up! I would like to post any art that features me in my own gallery, and...
  7. Rap Daniel

    Original memes

    Post your own, original meme! imgflip.com: Disappointed Black Guy
  8. Kete

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: original Gryphon ADOPTABLES for 5 €

    comment HERE www.furaffinity.net: ADOPT baby Gryphons 2 by Kete they are 5 euro each! first comment to ask for the gryph gets the gryph! Blue lemur has been adopted, the other two are stil for ADOPTION
  9. Ra'ara Su'nai

    New original species. (Feedback requested)

    So I've had an idea for a long time for a species of my own called Crystalline Astral Dragons (referred to simply as Astral Dragons from this point on). I've put a lot of thought into them, and though the lore behind them still needs some work, I believe I've got a solid base for a custom...
  10. RafaleFlight

    Some of my Work

    I may not be much of an artist, but I'd like to post some of my writing chops here, for your perusal. In my, shall we say, less experienced days I wrote fanfic pieces with some moderate success. These days I've written a few short stories, published two of them, and I like to work on little...
  11. JaredDillon

    Webcomic: Muddy Waters

    Hey there! I have just started making my own little webcomic called Muddy Waters. It's a slice of life comic set in a swampy, southern USA-like town full of various critters. Hopefully it'll end up being full of stories about the strange, surreal mundanity that many of these animals face every...
  12. N

    Free Art: NSFW OC Raffle!

    I've decided to do a free raffle! Head on over to www.furaffinity.net: Free OC raffle [nsfw]! -- nightcrawled13's Journal if you want in! To participate you must be watching me (new watchers are ofc welcome) <3 The theme is a secret but I promise it will be naughty ;) All races, genders etc...
  13. J

    Free Art: Free commissions for art practice

    Hey fellas, I'm asking all of you for requests of art commissions of your OCs so I can practice my artwork and possibly create an art commissioning name for myself once I've improved enough. I apologize in advance if I absolutely suck, I'm biased to my own art so I wouldn't know how good/bad I...
  14. F1uffy.Chips

    Request: Make my species come to life

    So this species is based off the drink ramune.They are any any basic species so you can choose any.They where the top pop things are little hats.They have glass chest and glass organs.They balance little glass orbs on their tounges.Its any ramune flavor and any normal species. a flavor list...

    Hiring: Looking for character sheet for my original character

    Hi im currently looking for an artist that can draw my personal oc from scratch and provide step by step from sketch - line art- base color - finished . it will most likely be a bunny with masculine looks, muscular, with moustache, holding a martini glass and my budget is $100. I need 2 side...
  16. eternyan

    FURY: Whale Song | My cartoon about evil furries

    Hi, my name is Herman and I'm single handedly creating a big 4K cartoon named "FURY: Whale Song". Currently the cartoon is ready for 1/3. Here is the non-plot scene from the middle of my cartoon (please turn on subtitles): "FURY: Whale Song" is a mystical thriller cartoon. The main character...
  17. Vermilion

    Writing Desks

    Where do you post your fanfics or original stories. :) Would love you see some of your works.
  18. Carnage

    MYO Lucidum (Slots Open)

    I will only be opening up 5 slots per month! SLOT 1: SLOT 2: SLOT 3: SLOT 4: SLOT 5: Wait... but what are Lucidums? Let me give you a basic rundown: Name: Lucidum Size: 3-5 Inches Diet: Fruits and Small Bugs Home: Lives in small burrows or in high trees (Usually the small burrows) Habitat...
  19. sharprealmcomics

    Evil fursonas

    Being bad can be good. Do you have a bad boy or girl fursona and if so how bad?
  20. sharprealmcomics

    My characters are the only reason im alive today.

    This Gothic witch necromancer vampire warlock squirrel may seem like just seem like random art on FA but to me i owe my entire life to him and to me hes a god. In high school i was a very different and very ill person i had just moved to a new city and school and left behind me only friends to...