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  1. Ciderfine

    Content lacking artist merit

    Being a 3d artist for a long time and a photographer and art student In the past I am deeply worried about a rising trend of original and self creative content I am seeing on FA as of lately. I've been noticing a line of 3d animations that have been asset flipped or just smushed into SFM and...
  2. DocSteam

    Steamy Fresh Commissions, Starting at $5!

    Hello hello! I decided it was high time I reworked my commission thread with some new stuff. Basic info: - I take Paypal! - My No's: Death, excessive gore, underage, bathroom play. - My Yes's: Pretty much anything else. NSFW and SFW alike! - Message me privately here or on FA or email me at...
  3. Rant

    Life in Astriel

    ((Ok so cut me some slack I only just got to sit down and work on this today has been rough. Is the title ok? I feel like it needs to be cooler....)) (INTRO) Winds cried a mournful howl outside the large stained glass window. The image immortalized in colorful glass long forgotten by the quiet...
  4. Bix707

    Bundle Auction - $5 starting bid, $1000+ value

    This auction is now LIVE! --->AUCTION LINK <--- ------ I'm no longer able to store any of these, so I've decided to auction off my ENTIRE PORTFOLIO of work. This bundle includes: - 12 5.5"x8.5" mini prints - 1 signed art and short story book (Nix Nought Nothing) - 33 display prints (used)...
  5. Ninitard

    Selling a Tiger OC

    Hi hii~ I'm currently selling a Tiger OC. She has two tails. No name yet. She's very sweet and comes from a tribe. She's currently $50. If interested just say so 'u'
  6. Luku_Zuku

    Contest Coding (DA)

    So there's a contest going on on Deviantart, and I was hoping to write a story for it. But I thought it wouldn't stand out enough, so I've decided to start coding the story, to make the more dramatic scenes of it pop. It's in it's most early stages, so there's just barely 4 lines of story, but...
  7. SkyFurCreations

    The Yasuku Tribe (Furries)

    A spiritually awakening tribe I figured many Furries may be interested in. It's a unique tribe which would definately turn heads in a group. In fact, the first professional Yasuku fursuit I see will get $100 from me. This tribe isn't something I randomly thought up, just to try to start a...
  8. LadyFromEast

    Quality Traditional Commissions

    Media I work with regarding fine art commissions: Watercolours Soft Pastel Oil Pastel Pencil Colour Pencil Ink Sanguine, sepia What do I draw art on: Watercolour paper Canson paper sheets 120g/m2 Metallic paper Marble paper Sizes of paper I work with: ACEO size, A5 - A2 (please ask if you...