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  1. MountainPup

    Looking for a couple awesome furs to join our Colorado Pack!

    Hia! So as the headline says, my partner Arlo and I are looking for a couple of fun, responsible & adventurous furs to join our pack in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. For the right furs, this is an awesome opportunity! We want to start a small pack, and it’s kind of a package deal if...
  2. Clover Teapot

    (Base/YCH) Selling: [$14] Fantasy and Furry Mega Base pack

    See which items are included and buy it here: https://gumroad.com/l/oUUAs P2U Base - Deluxe Fantasy and Furry Base pack This base is separated into many layers and groups with HD lines, and pre-colored with grey to facilitate the creation process! After you decide on a design you like...
  3. CptnSpiffy

    What type of RP would you like to 'see'?

    First off, hello! As like many others who poke their heads to the RP side of FA's forums I want a good RP so that I can let my creative build up come out! Other sites I have just done the usual, either joined a current ongoing one and molded a character from scratch to fit or I would attempt...
  4. aleksia

    (Other) Selling: Base female $ 15 for now

    you can see the base here www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN] Base female $ 15 for now by Aleks_Pakaralex The basis of the base includes: - 8 Horns - 7 Earpiece - 8 Tailings - 2 Feet - 5 Faces - 7 Hair details you can see here www.furaffinity.net: details for the base by Aleks_Pakaralex – You will...
  5. ShadeTheFox1

    Kik RP looking for new members/multiple females/would love both genders!

    Send me a message and I will set up an interview for you to try and join the pack!
  6. Zyren_EX

    Furry Telegram YCH~!

    SB $5 | AB $35 Go here for live auction --> Furry Telegram YCH You don't need a YCH account to bid, just a working e-mail Can be any OC of any species (even humans) AB includes a freeavatar/DP
  7. KhramChee

    5 Stickers Pack for Telegram for 20$

    Here are some examples of how they'd look: More examples at: Userpage of khramchee -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Other Options for packs: 10 stickers 40$ 15 stickers 60$ 20+ Sticker packs prices can be discussed. Discounts could be applied.