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  1. ivoryandgold

    (Commission) Selling: Chibis $16!

    hey everyone! I’m new here but have been on deviantart for a few years. I thought I’d try posting in the art forums and open some chibi commissions! Chibis are $16 (PayPal) and 300 x 300px. Payment upfront, turnaround time is general 1-3 days :) Examples: If you’re interested in...
  2. Rabbtit

    ❥ Cute Full Body or Badge Commissions! ($15-$20)

    Quick Details Type: Fullbody, colored, plain background or transparent optional Pricing: $15-$20 depending on complexity, PayPal only, payment due AFTER you are given a preview of your finished work Completion Time: 2-7 days. If I am experiencing problems, I will keep you up-to-date. Since I do...
  3. neon-nightmare

    $10 pixel pagedolls

    selling some pagedoll commissions ! pp + usd only, please invoices will be sent out after accepting trying to save up to help combat incoming student loans payments please link all references, as to not stretch the page ! these are 150px x 150px at max
  4. GritBat

    Funky, Affordable Cartoony Commissions!

    Soooo...! Let's try and see how well my cartoony style will do! With surgery coming up it's very important for me to try to make as much money as possible as I'm in rehab, so every commission will be greatly appreciated! If you think my style is interesting, don't hesitate to contact me via FA...