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  1. wataponno

    [Closed ]Paid work: NSFW manga/doujin full color

    Hello everyone, it's our first time here so excuse us if this is the wrong place. If so, please point us to the right direction :) We have a paid work opportunity currently. We are looking for a hentai doujin artist, NOT american comic book. Project is 25 pages + cover Krystal Fox level of...
  2. theblackrook

    Looking To Hire A Script Writer

    So, I write comic scripts and other things. It's, time consuming and I need help. So I'm looking to hire someone, but I'm not particularly sure about cost and all of that. So, as my first attempt I'm looking for someone who has good writing skills, but even better descriptive skills. What I'm...
  3. S

    Looking for an artist to create an NSFW character reference sheet

    Hi I'm new to the site and looking to commission a character sheet based on my description of an original character. I can pay you through pay-pal but that's the only payment method I'm willing to use. I have a decent idea of what I want. Ideally the art would be in a digital format and would...
  4. Myrah Ashkara

    Reference sheet needed for anthro dragon ($100-$300)

    Anyone with a penchant for drawing scales and horns should get in touch with me. I've set aside a chunk of money that can range anywhere from $100-$300 USD, and it's all for art. I'd like to get started with a reference sheet for my namesake character Myrah. She's an anthro dragon with...
  5. Sprite

    Artist Vanished - What Do I Do?

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask. But I'm not sure where else to turn to and I'm growing increasingly concerned by the minute. I commissioned an art here by the name of PrivateCompanyMan. They sent me an email after I opened a hiring thread. You can view the thread here. I...
  6. S

    Digital Artist Wanted

    Digital Artist wanted for long-term partnership producing NSFW CG Collections and/or hentai doujins for DLSite to accompany scripts. Can't promise immediate payment, but am willing to split all profits 50/50. If interested, please send a PM, preferably with a link to some of your work, so we can...
  7. Oriel Starlight

    I'm looking for a Sketch Comic Artist (NSFW)

    Hi, I'm currently looking for a artist who can help me with my sketch comic (NSFW). I'm looking for a artist who can convert story chapters into a comic and can do a style very close to this: drive.google.com: pmdcomiccmsc2pg4.jpg I'm looking for a price of $5 - $15 per page and will ask for...
  8. Affexion

    Traditional, non-furry anniversary portrait photo reference (chubby)

    I know it's not a "normal" commission on here, but I'm looking to get something special for my mate for our anniversary and as a furry, I prefer to give my money back to the community. What I'm looking for is a waist up portrait of us. I have several photos of us both individually and...
  9. AlleycatIrony

    Updated Variety Commissions!

  10. ColdSoul

    Wanted! Inexpensive, sexy commission

    Hi Peeps! I myself is a illustrator, but I also like to commission people too. I am looking to treat myself to a commission, unfortantly I do not have a lot of money as I have just graduated! Looking for a skilled artist to do a line art/sketch of a character of mine and Kai from...