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paint tool sai 2

  1. O

    American Dragon: Jake Long Fan Comic! Check it Out!

    (On-Site Link) Hello all you beautiful people! This is a post about my new plan to release a fan comic based on American Dragon: Jake Long! This is the cover for it! If you guys like it I might post more about it here! ^_^. Trying to start my new year off by getting into gear with my stuff...
  2. bookfangeek

    Bookfangeek's Art Thread

    I feel like this is a thing some people do? Sooooo, here's a thread for the art that I make!! :D But first, some info about me! Name: Book Pronouns: She/her Art Program(s): Paint Tool Sai 2 and occasionally Clip Studio Social Media FurAffinity | Patreon | DeviantArt | YouTube | Twitter |...
  3. Sladin5Ever

    Paint Tool SAI 2 Stuff

    Made a folder on DeviantART for any tutorial or help guides for using Paint Tool SAI 2. You can find it here: Paint Tool SAI 2 Stuff by Hitaka5Ever on DeviantArt If you would like help with anything else regarding the program, let me know! I might not be able to answer all inquiries, but ask...