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paint tool sai

  1. SamashTommy

    Commission open <3 [25$-125$]

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii everybody! We are TommySamash and we open for commissions via Paypal. Yes: SFW/NSFW, human/furry/anthro/feral OUR PRICE LIST OUR GALLERY IS HERE TommySamash Gallery Note us about commission on FA or Our DA page!
  2. O

    American Dragon: Jake Long Fan Comic! Check it Out!

    (On-Site Link) Hello all you beautiful people! This is a post about my new plan to release a fan comic based on American Dragon: Jake Long! This is the cover for it! If you guys like it I might post more about it here! ^_^. Trying to start my new year off by getting into gear with my stuff...
  3. AJ Woofless

    AJ's Trusty Glock

    www.furaffinity.net: AJs Trusty Glock by Torrent_Shark Everything is referenced, I promise, I'm aware of the left hand as well, don't bring it up please, I know what's up with it.
  4. snizard

    Paint and shadings

    I want to try different ways to paint and do shadings. Can you tell me something? And you, which is your way? I use paint tool sai
  5. bookfangeek

    Bookfangeek's Art Thread

    I feel like this is a thing some people do? Sooooo, here's a thread for the art that I make!! :D But first, some info about me! Name: Book Pronouns: She/her Art Program(s): Paint Tool Sai 2 and occasionally Clip Studio Social Media FurAffinity | Patreon | DeviantArt | YouTube | Twitter |...
  6. no no

    HELP. Paint Tool Sai won't save?? [edit, fixed with solution]

    The worst part is this is a commission I was working on and I'm desperate to like, not lose all of it and stuff. I have some (most) of it saved as a .sai, but I'm now extremely concerned I won't be able to save ANY .sai file, which makes what I have useless. Currently, Sai will not save it as...
  7. S. Zissou

    Thumbails & Portraits

    Hi! I'm Zissou and I wanted to post some sketches I've done over the last five months.
  8. Nephliis

    Pricing Help?

    I am unsure as to how much I should really be charging here. I would very much like your opinions. x3 /feel free to shoot me an offer if you'd like a commission :)
  9. leargini

    COMMISSIONS OPEN ($40-$80+)

    My gallery is HERE ✓ will draw - Heterosexual|homosexual - NSFW|SFW - Mild gore - Anthro and humans - Fanart - Tentacles - Any gender ✘ will not draw - Extremely muscular, anorexic or obese figures - Mecha - Scat - Vore Other themes can be discussed 1. Payments will be accepted through...
  10. Sladin5Ever

    Paint Tool SAI 2 Stuff

    Made a folder on DeviantART for any tutorial or help guides for using Paint Tool SAI 2. You can find it here: Paint Tool SAI 2 Stuff by Hitaka5Ever on DeviantArt If you would like help with anything else regarding the program, let me know! I might not be able to answer all inquiries, but ask...
  11. zorua

    Paint Tool SAI brushes for markings?

    I'm getting tired of using preset Paint Tool SAI brushes for just about everything. Recently I have found some sketchy brushes, line brushes, even coloring brushes I really like (willing to share if people want!). But I am having trouble finding brushes that are specifically helpful in this...