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  1. CycadaAcolyte

    Free Art: (Closed/Full) Character Busts/Icons OCs, (Anime & Anthro)

    Offering character busts/square images (potentially viable as icons etc) in a style similar to this piece but more head and shoulders kind of deal. Will likely do a dozen or so and will leave the post up/unlocked till the queue is filled. Yes, these are free as Im filling time and...
  2. The-Greatest-Mystery

    (Commission) Selling: ($150+) Collaborative 3D-Printed Miniature Commissions: $250 (SFW only)

    Sascha-Snowstorm and I are teaming up to offer a greater variety of commission options! From now on, paying $250 can get you: The-Greatest-Mystery - Front + Side views, drawn as semi-rough, stylized sketches (sketch review stage) - A digital flat-colour of the front or side view (colour review...
  3. Robinik

    (Commission) Selling: Grimm's Semi-realistic General Digital Commissions | $14-$94+ | SFW & NSFW

    Welcome! Please contact me via private messages to claim a slot. All prices listed are in USD. Payment only via PayPal. ──────────────────────────────────────────────── Pricelist ──────────────────────────────────────────────── Sketches More examples Mugshot | $16 Portrait | $26 Thigh-up |...
  4. Eljado

    Sketchbook: A couple of my pieces

    Here's a couple of my pieces, I'm pretty new to FA so I'd like to get my stuff known! I'm very interested in character design as you can see.
  5. Eljado

    (Commission) Selling: 40$ Colour Painted Busts

    G'day! I'm selling bust commissions for 40$ USD (Paypal only) You can email me at eljado00@gmail.com or complete the Google-form: forms.gle: Eljado - commission sheet I'm quite new to commissions so I dont have a lot to show but here are some pieces I've created for myself...
  6. Aqua-Spirit22

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Furry/human YCH - $13-$45 range, different options

    YCH open!! Will do -Human and furry -With lingerie or naked (I wont explicity draw genitals -basically it'd be a little doll like or hairy-, but boobs: yes) Options and samples: -Clean sketch only $13 !! color of your choice - sta.sh: 191001-kirsa -Rough painted $25 - sta.sh: Lunazol2 -Detailed...
  7. cerulean_blues

    (Commission) Selling: Cerulean's digital comssions! (5$+)

    Hi guys! Come on in and take a look around! If you see something that catches your eye, or have something you want done but aren't sure about pricing, feel free to message me! :D All payment is through paypal, with all or part of the payment due before delivery. Thanks for looking!
  8. Itsybigsy

    (Commission) Selling: Bigsy's art shop | digital paintings, sketches, and more! $5-50+ (open)

    I've been feeling the need lately to get some work done, so I figured I'd make a post! I will close the shop at around three orders for now -(open) -(open) -(open) I'm open to drawing pretty much anything, some things are merely outside my experience and may not be as polished looking. The...
  9. Karinne J Terrault

    Cryptid's Com's; $5-$75 | Icons, Full-body, Painted, Chibi, Ref Sheets, NSFW

    Open; Paypal only My first time opening commissions and I'm real excited! Never done any NSFW com's but I'm willing to give them a go if they're pretty vanilla. Prices fluctuate based on complexity; I have a lot more pieces so please feel free to visit my deviantArt (ClockworkCryptid)...
  10. NoirSaberCat

    YCH (Starting at 5 USD)

    I have this commission that was cancel due to unexpected emergencies from my client. I really love the pose of this sketch and don’t want to go to waste. This will drawing will be done within 1-3 days at most. Will start as soon downpayment is sent! I can change species for both Vivi and the...
  11. NoirSaberCat

    Half off Commissions!

    (Opps! I forgot to set the minimum price to 5 USD. Sorry about that! I will try this again.) I am doing half off commissions this week! I been advertising on Facebook so I should try here. I will not start your commission until sometime this weekend. But once I do, I give out a WIP everyday...
  12. skeiths

    (Commission) Selling: ✿ OPEN ✿ — $15 adopts | $12 icons | $14+ bust | $25+ full body | Sketches & Painting

    ★ Hello! I'm Anika :- ) im a 25 y/o lesbian and i luv drawing cute furries! ★ welcome to my thread!! i do a bunch of different styles and im pretty open about most things - DM me for a quote or if you have any questions! My order form is available on my website. ★ • Ko-Fi | twitter |...
  13. silicahowl

    SELLING CUSTOM HEADSHOTS (5/5 available)

    OFFERING CUSTOM HEADSHOTS sfw only most comfortable with canines/felines (or similar) hybrids/complex characters welcome! lined: $20 painted: $50 white background is default for a painted headshot while i get used to csp. transparent bg is available for +$5 ! taking 5 slots to begin...
  14. K1ND

    K1ND's YCH

    www.furaffinity.net: $20 fb YCH!! by K1ND Current YCH "Your Character Here" Multi Slot - will retire when all slots fill Base Price $20 (can be NSFW by request) +$5 Any type/amount of clothes +$10 for wings of any sort +$5 background Paypal only ♥ Prices in USD Any Species! Any Gender! Fully...
  15. XeronaArt

    Commissions Open (NSFW okay!)

    Hi! I have commissions open for fairly cheap. If you're interested please go here to send an inquiry! What you will see below are BASE prices for a SINGLE CHARACTER! Prices can increase depending on amount of detail, multiple characters, and other things. I do also add on the PayPal fee to...
  16. KINGhollow

    $20 Headshot painted icons

    these are close up icons in a painted style! please comment below if interested!
  17. thedinopharaoh

    Painted Digital Commissions!

    I'm offering chibis, portraits, full illustrations, etc. Price starts at $20 Prices, examples, terms and conditions can all be found on my website: idinopharaoh.wixsite.com: dinopharaoh Thank you!
  18. Uefo

    $7 painted sketch shoulder ups

    I can do any gender species and body type! Note me on fA for details Paypal only I can also do a bit of tasteful nudity Nothing too sexual pls.
  19. Dendariiis

    Headshot/bust Paintings

    I'm offering painted busts starting at 10$ depending on complexity. Complex rams horns multiple eyes etc... will make the price go up. I can also design you a reptile (still only a bust) for an additional 10$. I will own the design however. Also working on Anthro art starting at 6$ I don't...
  20. Taxidermatitis

    High-quality Human, Anthro, and More for Sale!

    Hi all. I'm Erskine, but my alternate name is Taxidermatitis, which is what I go by on DeviantArt and here (FurAffinity!) and I'm here to peddle my wares! (All the links in the post below are to FurAffinity pieces.) Price sheet (please open in new tab for full view): I have about 9-10 years...