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  1. folvaen

    (Commission) Selling: Folvaen's Commissions! [$12-250+] - Furries, humans, digital paintings, lineart, and more!

    Welcome! This price sheet is a simple breakdown, I've also done chibi icons, environment pieces, hand drawn animations, animated icons, 3d model textures, and stream assets before! I also have a public queue here! This is also where you can find my TOS...
  2. Dinocanid

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Dino's Feral Commissions (Exclusive Holiday YCH Inside!)

    Special Offer - LIMITED Holiday Canine YCH $40 USD individually, or save $10 if you claim both at the same time! Can be different characters (if you buy both). Once they're sold, they're gone! No more of this same YCH will be sold. This product is available exclusively on Artconomy...
  3. supermint

    (Commission) Selling: Full illustrations with painted natural backgrounds

    Hi, I'm doing shaded fullbody illustrations with painted natural landscape backgrounds! More examples here I'm taking one slot to be started tomorrow (8/23), or 8/24. $150 for single, +75% per extra character. Request form Reply to the thread for questions!
  4. Cerrvine

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) Semi Realistic Painted Portraits

    Hello, I am open for portraits in a painted semi-realistic style - inspired by oil painting! $50 through Paypal. I specialize in naturalistic creatures or anthro, but clothing/accessories are perfectly fine. These are neck/shoulders up, with a focus on the face. Background is simple, either an...
  5. Ratcastle

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) [OPEN] Ratcastle comms!

    Let me draw ur ocs!! slots- 1. Taken offsite 2. 3.
  6. mec_art

    (Commission) Selling: digital portraits and gouache paintings

    Hello! I'm an artist who loves drawing animals, fantasy creatures, and gay stuff, and I'm looking to get started doing furry commissions :-) I will draw or paint almost anything! Furry, fanart, pet portraits, people portraits... You name it, I will try to make your wish come true. I WILL take...
  7. Chiapetofdoom

    (Commission) Selling: Intense, Gritty, Surreal Painterly Illustrations. Gore, Violence often fine.

    Hey what's up? Gallery: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/chiapetofdoom/ More of my art is on: https://www.deviantart.com/chiapetofdoom/gallery I enjoy drawing peoples characters in badass outfits, poses, and scenes. I'll draw just about anything that's not purely sexual. Violence and gore...
  8. blackquestant

    [Selling]Christmas sale semi-realism paintings and drawings starting at 15 USD!

    Hi! I am doing a commission sale! Drawings start at 15 USD Paintings 45 USD Ref Sheets 35 USD! DON'TS: X Mecha X Hyper muscle art (regular proportions muscle art is fine) X Cub nsfw X Zoophilia X Non con X Scat MORE HERE
  9. blackquestant

    (Selling) painting Commissions starting at 15 USD

    More examples below and at: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/blackquestant/ Wont draw: - underage nsfw - mecha -wendig*s Will draw: - Heavy kinks and nsfw - Mild gore -any species including bugs and pokemon. If interested in further details of an specific idea PM me on FA or comment here...
  10. Savarin_Divin

    Sketchbook: Savarin creations

    Greetings, I haven't been here too long, so I will make a brief introduction. I started my whole art anything furry art. I blame sonic, back when the genesis was cool. Though, my art looked nothing like the sonic artwork ever. One day I just stop right before my middle school years to branch out...
  11. Librho

    Art interest check

    I’ve been making adopts for a while now and wondered if my art was finally good enough from a clients pov for Commission work? is there enough interest in my style? is there aspects of my style/skill level I should work on first? how much would you pay for art like this? (I know my charging...
  12. K

    (Commission) Selling: Digital & Acrylic Paintings!

    Sketch Headshot($5) Halfbody($10) Fullbody($15) Flats Headshot($10) Halfbody($20) Fullbody($30) Rendered Headshot($15) Halfbody($30) Fullbody($45) Add-Ons: Simple Background: +$10 Complex Background: +$20 Multiple Characters: (price of commission) x (number of characters)...
  13. mm-d

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) Quick Sketch-Painted Headshots ($65)

    i love buying groceries. i love paying rent. however that pales in comparison to my love of painting things. maybe i can do all three (poggers) and i also get UNREASONABLY excited when i see weird/unique character designs so there is very little to lose :] $65 USD per headshot; payment via...
  14. zenmaldita

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Stargazer Painting | SOLD

    •❅─────✧❅✦❅✧─────❅• Finished Background will be fully painted. OK ◇ Any species, Any gender, Human ◇ Body Type & Facial Expression Adjustments ◇ Mug/Cup Design change & Clothes Design included •❅─────✧❅✦❅✧─────❅• ◇ By bidding, you agree to my TOS and will follow it's guidelines ◇ Payment is...
  15. AshesToSparks

    Art Trade: Trading rough painting for art

    Good morning everyone (or whatever time it may be) I am hoping to meet more folks in the community, and I figured an Art trade would be a fun way to do that. so I would like to trade a rough full-body painting with you. Unfortunately I will have to link my example because the furaffinity forum...
  16. mm-d

    (Commission) Selling: ($15 - $150+) Fund My Being Alive; Digital Art (OPEN)

    [last update: 2nd March 2021] md's silly soup frenzy still a bit of a wip but feel free to order anyways ♘♞♞♘ deviantART || FurAffinity || Ko-fi mangomdolphin@gmail.com other active commission threads: grab-bag mspaint character designs ♘♞♞♘ howdy. i draw many things in various different ways...
  17. blackquestant

    Selling (+ $10 ) Commissions Digital and Traditional

    ✧DONT'S: ✧loli/shota/underage ✧ Non-con ✧Wendig*s ✧Scat NOTE ME ON FA OR COMMENT TO CLAIM PAYPAL ONLY My FA userpage : https://www.furaffinity.net/user/blackquestant/

    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) Colourful realistic portraits, headshots /// starting $30

    Why hello there, good sir! I'm GROZENTHAL I'm looking for potential commissioners to do a pretty headshot for. I can and will draw virtually anything, that includes: Currently I am doing headshots ($30-$60) and halfbodies ($50-$80), where the price is dependant on the complexity of...
  19. blackquestant

    (Selling/Commission)Realistic Professional Painting/Drawings starting at $30

    DONT'S: X Underage/loli etc X Hate speech X Non-con X Wendig*s
  20. goatesque

    (Commission) Selling: [OPEN] High quality semi-realistic art (SFW and NSFW) [60$-100$+]

    Hi there! I'm goatesque. I'm a digital artist for more than 4 years, almost one year into the furry community. And now I decided to open my own commission thread here! I hope I can find someone over here who would my works appealing ^^ I specialize in anthros, although I can also do human. Any...