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  1. SunGod

    ~SunGod's Paintings! [$25-$100+ • SFW + NSFW] - Semi-realistic Paintings, Sketches, Headshots~

    ~SunGod's Opening Debut!~ I'm relatively new to this world, please be patient with me!:p Hello everyone! I'm SunGod! I'm a digital artist specialising in semi-realistic paintings! I draw most things except humans - but I can always discuss with you, just DM me! Accepting Paypal commissions...
  2. eggoatt

    painted commissions! starting at $25

    im open for painting commissions!! - - - - - - here's a brief sum of my rules/tos: BY COMMISSIONING ME YOU ARE CONSENTING TO ME TWEAKING YOUR CHARACTER'S DESIGN SLIGHTLY TO FIT MY AESTHETIC!! (this could mean giving them fetlocks, coloring their feathers, tweaking colors slightly, etc) you...
  3. Maro

    Fully detailed painting-YCH auction (NSFW)

    Hello! I have a new YCH auction open. Examples of my style: The auction is for ADULT ART NSFW under this link www.furaffinity.net: YCH-2 characters 1 slot-Digital painting-OPEN by MAR0 My clean gallery: Userpage of Maroko -- Fur Affinity [dot] net My +18 gallery Userpage of MAR0 --...
  4. NingoDingo

    Sketch Special and Commissions Open

    *I’ve been feeling down lately, so I decided I need to do more art. All sketches until further notice are $5. I can probably do about 10 a day. I am fast, I am very fast. You can also choose between digital, graphite, or ink. Also, I've posted here only once before so please be gentle with me...
  5. Quanlain

    Commission sale (50% off)

    Commission Sale Until 15-th of September Hello, i'm a fellow digital artist. Came from DA and drawing everything from sketches and doodles to fully coloured artworks with hard backgrounds. Where you can find me: DeviantArt - Feel free to Note me here Furaffinity Here's a small info and...
  6. Nadiafur

    [2/3] ▼▼ Nadia's Doodle & Design Shop! ▼▼

    Welcome to Nadia's Doodle&Design Shop! Status ▽ [O P E N] ▽ Welcome to Nadia's! I offer high quality digital work of many styles, specializing in sketchy lines and bold colours. Additionally, I also work with vector and branding design. Whether you are looking for art or for some extra help...
  7. mina-mortem

    Art Commissions [NSFW/SFW/fetishes]

    Hello, everyone! I'm Wilhelmina Mortem, a dreamy Russian artist with little kinks and big aspirations :3 One of my primary hobbies is drawing a lot, and considering my increasing interest in furry artwork, this time, I decided to draw something specifically for you! Be it SFW or NSFW artwork...
  8. fluffgator

    (Commission) Selling: FluffGator's Artful Commissions! Paypal USD $15-100+ | 9 SLOTS AVAILABLE

    Fill out an application to claim and I'll respond within 1-2 days if it's accepted. Refer here to see how many of each slot type I still have available. If you're interested in my work or commissioning me, but not able to do so at this time, feel free to submit your email address to my Mailing...
  9. Kepidemic

    [OPEN] Detailed Illustrated Commissions from $20

    Hello everyone! My commissions are open and on sale to help with some much needed car repairs! SFW only currently~ Recent Illustration example: Here's my price sheet! The link to the one directly on FA is here: www.furaffinity.net/view/27885728/ Or you can email me at kewins95[at]gmail.com...
  10. E

    Furized painting

    Hi! I would really love it if someone could reimagine the painting Truth Coming Out of Her Well (warning: artistic titties) with either my character Echo or Ish as the titular Truth. I couldn't decide whether to go with Echo cause she's my face on here or Ish cause she's horrifying and that...
  11. zenmaldita

    (Commission) Selling: ✦ ICONS ONLY: $25-$50 ✦ Busy with Charities

    ✦ to Zen's Atelier; soft re-opening ✦ Current offer: $25 B&W and $50 Colored icons Half bodies negotiable, price depends on the amount of additional detail all transactions via paypal Please Reply to this thread or PM/DM me with the following details: ✦ Name: What would you want me to call...
  12. Muddkiwi

    Designs for sale!

    sta.sh: For Sale Pm me on FA or DA under the same username
  13. sketchrabbit

    rabbit's art thread

    hey everyone! I usually post my work on my FA account but I also hoped to start my own sketchbook thread here too. I hope you like it. ^^ Thank you for looking. I'll start off with my most recent drawing for the first post! it's of my character Estella, in a sailor moon theme.
  14. pedge

    Commissions OPEN // Pedge Art // Humans, Animals, Robots, and more

    Hi I'm pedge and I like to draw art with a lot of movement in it Capes are A+++ Commissions done through PayPal invoices, once you order art, send me your email and I will send you the invoice. See second post for ToS and my art blog where I post my work because for some reason it won't let me...
  15. LimeReptile

    Commissions open! Icon,sketch, painting, comics and more!

    Hello! I'm Limereptile and I love drawing any kind of cute creature! Looking for an icon, a snazzy-looking sketch or even a comic page? Then, this is the right place for you! IMPORTANT INFORMATION BEFORE ORDERING : -I only draw SFW, blood and minor gore, - I will turn down any...
  16. A

    Artist for hire

    Greetings! I'm an artist devoted to giving people anything they can imagine. Basically, it gives me joy to bring your fantasies to life. However, money also brings me joy, so it goes without saying that there will be a fair price expected in relation to the level of complexity. You can see...
  17. Brenden Lewis

    Winter Ibex Painting on Panel

    Hello, I am selling a 12" x 24" acrylic and charcoal painting on panel (see attached file). I'll take the best offer on the panel, but I would like $200. Thank you for the interest!
  18. ColdSoul

    Illustration Commissions Sale!

    Hello lovely people I am a freelance illustrator who currently has a sale on commissions. This sale limited to get involved while you can. If you have any questions about my work please don't be afraid to ask/note me. Here is a guide for you to look at- All commission prices have 20% off at...
  19. PixiuDraws

    Pokemon Hybrid/Fusion Customs and Art!

    (Sort of a dire situation so a better ref sheet will be put soon) For a better view, check here- sta.sh: Pokemon Hybrid Commissions (OPEN) The sketches are a BASE PRICE (7 and 5 usd), everything else is just added on. So a sketch from a reference with color and soft shading would be 10 usd...
  20. dragoncat-senpai

    Dragoncat-senpai's Commissions

    Furafinity: Userpage of dragoncat-senpai -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Deviantart: dragoncat-senpai on DeviantArt Commission Masterpost: dragoncat-senpai.deviantart.com: COMMISSION MASTERPOST TO ORDER A COMMISSION, please comment or note me with this form filled out Payment Method: Type of art...