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  1. HNGcommissions

    Commissions - Speed Paint Style starting at $10

    Commission Plans Colored Bust $10 Busts, from shoulders-up. Colored lineart, fully shaded and colored, simple background, and transparent background. +$10 additional interactive character (ie; kissing busts of two characters, vertical mirror, back to back, or something equally creative) +$10...
  2. LadySerpent

    2-character paintings for $50 (2 left)

    Hello! I have 2-character paintings available for $50 USD right now; a significant discount. 2 slots left; here's the link: (NSFW) (NSFW WARNING, M/F) www.furaffinity.net: 2-character deal by SephrenDemon (NSFW LINK) Other recent examples: (NSFW, macro/micro snake M/M ) www.furaffinity.net...
  3. Justwannadrawmeng

    Justwannadrawmeng's art thread

    So, I always heard that it's important to be part of the community, so I'm gonna post all the work I do here as well as on my FA profile ( Userpage of justwannadrawmeng -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Feel free to ask questions, give comments or critiques or whatever! I'll also post here when I'm...
  4. narutogod123

    Free Headshot Raffle!

    Hello, I'm hosting a Free Headshot Raffle! If you want to enter just comment on this journal saying your favorite fruit! Free Raffle! -- blackstarin123's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Headshot Examples : www.furaffinity.net: Star Portrait by blackstarin123 www.furaffinity.net: Raijin...
  5. Coffee Lion

    Any other traditional artists out there?

    A call out to those few traditional artists within this wide sea of digital artists. :'D As much as I love digital artwork, I've always been one for traditional medias. I love the feeling of physical paints and inks. :D Most of the people around me are digital artists. I enjoy discussing and...
  6. SanguineAllure

    YCH - Hand Painted Plauqe (And more)

    Hey! I'm sellin hand painted wooden plaques that feature your OC or any character you'd like! Each plaque comes hand painted in acrylic paint and ready to hang :3 Im also offering traditional drawings that can be painted, colored in pencil or chalk. I can do digital drawings as well, but I am...
  7. V

    Seeking Experienced Artist for Transgender Fox Pinup

    I am seeking an artist for a mature full body pin-up of a new character, preferably in a digitally or traditionally painted style. The character is a transgender female silver fox, with some demonic touches- but not excessive ornamentation. I have a portfolio made up with text references for...
  8. Dolphanatic

    Painting Details on Kung Fu Panda Figures

    I figured I'd go ahead and show you all something I'm working on. Recently, I got these Kung Fu Panda figures to sit on display and show my appreciation for the series. They're decent figures (and rather inexpensive, too, thanks to eBay), but I feel like a couple of them could be improved upon...
  9. AlfieOmeg

    Newbie here looking for some practice!

    Hey everyone, Alfie here! Just wondering if anyone would be cool with me using their Fursona's for practice while I get back into the art groove? I was never really good with the 'cartoony' type of artwork lol I will just post them in this thread as I finish them, if that is okay. Here are...
  10. Sinkio_Vitrell

    Tantric's (Sinkio's) Recent adventures

    Good day! I just thought I'd share some of my recent works and W.I.Ps Below: "Your own personal Jesus" Medium: Acrylic Alan Rickman - Dr. Lazarus Portrait of Mom And lastly, a current digital WIP. I'll be posting more as I do more work, hopefully I can keep this updated this time...
  11. narutogod123

    Commissions (Open)

    These my prices for my commissions, please email with the subject "Commissions" if you want one :) Fiverr Gig See more Examples here : Userpage of blackstarin123 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Commission info: Journal Email me if interested : desirulz234@gmail.com Examples here
  12. LadyFromEast

    Quality Traditional Commissions

    Media I work with regarding fine art commissions: Watercolours Soft Pastel Oil Pastel Pencil Colour Pencil Ink Sanguine, sepia What do I draw art on: Watercolour paper Canson paper sheets 120g/m2 Metallic paper Marble paper Sizes of paper I work with: ACEO size, A5 - A2 (please ask if you...