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  1. Pathanix

    (Commission) Selling: Pathanix/Pank's Art Shop [$5-$50+] Traditional Paintings [$20-$300+]

    Commission ToS and Adoptable(Customs) ToS When you commission me, please take the time to read these as this will be everything you need to know about doing business with me! The contract is also loose, so if you have any problems, please contact me directly. I'm able to take Paypal only. If...
  2. narutogod123

    Sketchbook: Blackstarin123's Sketchbook

    I'm just posting my artwork here Furaffinity
  3. hisseefit

    hisseefits arts are for sale! colourful sketches and painterly stlyes

    hello its me your friend hisseefit! I'm off school right now so im stepping up my commission game - i've been taking commissions regularly throughout the year anyway, but now i have the time to take on new clients. exciting! i can draw humans, furries, feral, SFW and SOME NSFW - im happy to...
  4. Beaknose

    Sketchbook: Beaknose/Emperoar Art

    I figure I may as well put a thread for the stuff I make here too. All of these are finished works I've done this year, including commissions. January: (commission for silveredgreen) (concept sketches for some personal characters of mine) (attempt at doing a simple comic layout) (another...
  5. Rivercoon

    Slots Open for Traditional Art $15 and Up

    Would you like to see your OC brought to artistic life? Commissions are available in pencil, marker and acrylic. You can get a name badge, drawing or a painting. Check out Commission Info for Rivercoon -- Fur Affinity [dot] net for prices and other details and do not hesitate to send me a note...
  6. TB_

    Cartoony Commissions Starting at 10$!!

    Thank you for clicking! Please contact me through PMs in interested <3
  7. Yvvki

    Goodie bags and other snacks~!

    Hello there, welcome to my goodie store! Choose a thing for me to draw and I decide the style~ It will be random and anything from a Cartoon, normal, to a full on art with a background~! And yes they will all be colored! ( I should clarify that if you want something extremely specific, such as...

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) -- GROZEN's ARTSHOP | 3/3 OPEN

    ISENMӘSEZ! (greetings) I'm Grozen, I do art. Allow me to do art for you. This post is to catch your attention with my flashiest projects. Scroll down to the second post for prices. MY TWITTER /// MY FA
  9. ~Lynx

    Paintings + More -- $5-50+ CLOSED

    CLOSED Old thread.
  10. Lousie

    Canine/Feline Headshot Commissions OPEN (7-25 €)

    Hello! I'm currently open for commissions of this type: (digital) lineart canine/feline headshot/head&bust (uncolored) -price: 7-10 € -Price depends on complexity of character and owner's requirements- negotiable :) -choice of expression available -choice of lines' color available - Example...
  11. LadyFromEast

    Traditional Artwork by LFE

    Hello there! I thought I would share my art here c: I like browsing through people's stuff a lot and perhaps there are users who like the same! I've been drawing for over 14 years now (with improvement as my goal, drawing as a hobby was something I've been doing ever since I can remember). I'm...
  12. Ven

    Commissions open! NSFW + SFW

    Hello! I'm looking to open a few commission slots. I've recently remade my price sheet and have more examples of my latest work. All prices above are for SFW pieces. NSFW pieces vary, so please send me a note on my Furaffinity or send me a PM on here. More examples of my art can be...