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  1. Furrirama

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Son of the Dragon Anthro Male Panda

    AUCTION HERE! You can also get his backview! See the examples: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/34072156 https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47637182/
  2. berry

    Any pandas in here?

    Hi! Does anyone here have any panda-related art I could check out (SFW/NSFW)? If you’re on FA, I’ve love to check out your page if you’ve got one! Thanks in advance!
  3. berry

    Hello! Hello! Hello!

    What’s going on, everybody! My name is Berry! I’ve been active on FA for a few months and decided to join the forum a few weeks ago! I’m a game developer and writer from the U.S. My sona is a panda who’s also the mascot for my studio. I love getting commissions and YCHs made of him! My username...
  4. T

    Any guide/tips for someone wanting to start?

    Hello everyone! Hope you're all doing well today! I recently got a drawing tablet, and am in need of some help! I'm trying to draw a friend of mines character from World of Warcraft, she's a Pandaren, however I'm really struggling to get the head shape down despite it being so simple looking to...
  5. waifupanda

    $35 Set Price Adoptables 3/3 open!

    aaa as Furaffinity has been down for a while I haven't been able to post these adoptables to sell and I urgently needed to post these so in the meantime I'll post them here uwu! Please don't claim an adoptable if you don't already have the funds to! Thank you! set price for each adoptable is...
  6. N

    Hiring: Looking for NSFW Stuff.

    So, I'm just trying to get familiar in the area to see which artists I like. I'm not going to hire immediately (because I'm not in a hurry really lele) but I do want to look to get an idea of what I'd like! Basic requirements: Must be okay with some kinks (nothing really extreme that exceeds...
  7. Mobius Katchmar

    Presidential Portrait ($40 Budget) [CLOSED]

    Hello there, everyone. I'm looking for a portrait-style commission, something along the lines of a formal portrait, as the title implies. The pose would be a 3/4ths portrait in a simple, formal style, something like these: At the same time, I'd also like if this flag could be displayed hanging...
  8. The Cospunk Prince

    [1/4 OPEN] Sonic Style Adopts:. $5 Minimum, All Characters Must Go!

    Welcome! So your boy's trying something a bit new and selling adoptables! What started out as a quick redesign of one-shot OCs from 2008/2011 quickly turned into 'I absolutely adore these characters but can't give them the love they deserve', so I'm trying to give them a nice loving home. First...
  9. Tubs

    NSFW Telegram Stickers/ Reference Sheet for my Panda Tubs

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for NSFW telegram or telegram-like stickers (Lewd stickers, nudity (genitals and such), interacting with a YCH (NSFW), having sex with a YCH u///u. Reference sheet (SFW or NSFW) [At least a front and back side, able to add description (things like name, little features...
  10. Tubs

    Looking for NSFW Telegram Stickers/ Reference Sheet for my Panda Tubs

    Hey y'all I was wondering if anyone would be willing to draw my sona Tubs :3 Anything above $5, and price is fine but I will probably buy under $50 it really depends!, and this is USD currency :3) I'm looking for NSFW Telegram stickers and someone who can make a ref sheet (at least with front...
  11. Streivous


    AUCTION Starting bid: $10 Min increase: $2 Autobuy : $20
  12. GumiTheCarrot


    I have some adopts for auction, check them out! SB for each is $10. Lion : www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN]Lion Auction[OPEN] by CarrotPatchAdopts Cow : www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN]Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cow Auction[OPEN] by CarrotPatchAdopts Purple Red Panda : www.furaffinity.net...
  13. SizeSupporter

    Tiny Neko Searching for Macro ! (Long term RP) DM Friendly on Discord!

    Been on the Search for a Macro that would like to rp with a fun obedient micro willing to see the Macro happy! Have a little mixed RP of the Macro going through the city to them being normal size and me tiny size Turn Ons: Giant Soft Paws! Soft Vore Footplay/Pawplay Being dominated...
  14. FuzzyNuggets


    I'm not entirely sure of what to put here... but hey, I've been pretty bored and lonely lately. So why not? xDD Yeah, um... hello to everyone~ I don't give out my real name on the internet, so I'd appreciate just being called Fuzz or Fuzzy. I think it just keeps things simpler. Now, as for...
  15. N

    Heya, I'm new (kinda) ^^

    Hi there, I'm Randalieren, otherwise known as Oz (or Daddy Oz). I'm not exactly new to furaffinity but I am a bit new to the forums. I'm 17, I love drawing and designing ocs, roleplaying with mine and others' ocs, and I like to get to know people. :3 My fursona is a panda named Oz De'Grace...