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  1. ReeseCapeesh

    Sketchbook: ReeseCapiche Rough Sketchbook! :)

    Come take a peek! Lemme know what you think and what i could improve! This is just my scribbles and animal practice and a few other random things.
  2. TessTess

    Traditional sketches

    Welcome I'm open to try any species and I just love doing art trades with folks! Anyways here are my examples
  3. Guifrog

    Rock, paper, scissors, popsicles, machines, zebras, stuff

    Whazzup?! We're having a very nice luau on the beach and now it's time for some chilled out gaming. Here's how it works: I post a word, and the next one posts something that beats that word somehow. Likewise, the following poster tries to beat what the previous one used. Like this: User 1...
  4. Nudeus

    Traditional Art

    My tablet pen is broken so I'll be stuck to traditional art for a while. But that's no excuse not to keep drawing and get in plenty of practice! I LOVE drawing boys. No slots but I might be choosy. Here are my rules! I WILL draw: +NSFW (any sexuality) +Gore/Guro +Fanart of any fandom +Any...