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  1. reid minnich

    Furry Detective Noir Series

    PC Hatter's new 13 book furry detective series is available on Amazon. These are parodies of the famous Mike Hammer series of the 1950's turned furry. A new novella comes out each month. Check out the Kaiser Wrench series on Amazon
  2. ben909

    things not to teach a parrot or parrotlet to say

    what are phrases that you think shouldn't be thought to parrots ... and before we run into trouble remember we can't post hate speach(we can but its not allowed so don't), so no teaching the bird racial comments it won't understand mine to start would be teaching it to say "iam gonna get...
  3. Xitheon

    Soul of a parrot

    I think deeply about certain things, perhaps more than is necessary. My fursona is one of them. I can't fucking choose what animal form best represents me. I'm drawn to reptilians because I'm lazy and cold (aloof) but I don't feel comfortable in that skin. Foxes and certain breeds of dog, and...
  4. I

    Parrot Appreciation Thread

    I love parrots. Talk about parrots and other birbs and post pics here if you love them too. I will update this thread with a "parrot of the day" to keep things fresh. Starting off today's parrot of the day
  5. I

    Help Sirocco

    My friend Sirocco is critically endangered and I am starting a fundraiser to help his species recover. He lives in one of New Zealands wildlife sanctuaries and they are in constant need of support for food, supplies, and medicine. For every like this post gets, I will be donating $1 to the...
  6. I

    Poe's 'The Raven' Was Originally a Parrot

    Greetings feathered friend enthusiasts and poetry lovers. I have rather entertaining findings for you! *Taken from the link below and posted for reading convenience* Edgar Allen Poe (1809-1949) penned his most famous poem, The Raven, in his 30s. Originally, the poem's feathered subject was a...
  7. bringo-parrot

    Adoptable: Fiesta Toucans! $35 Each, $20 for Busts

    Hello, Y'all! I have had a huge desire to design characters lately. Listening to some upbeat music, I pictured these glorious birds in a procession of dancers- Flamboyant and energetic, with long coats of iridescent feathers. I present the Fiesta Toucan. The Fiesta Toucan species belongs...
  8. bringo-parrot

    Bringo, Here! A Character Designer, Fursuit Lover, and Pal!

    Hello, Y'all! I'm Bringo. You can call me BP. I'm new here. I'm a humble gal from the South who loves to art and loves birds and loves music. And I have recently really, really come to love furry characters and fursuiting!! I love the sort of character design from this fandom- one of my...
  9. I

    Parrot Uses Amazon Alexa to Order Groceries, Owner Surprised by Deliveries

    A parrot named 'Rocco' in the U.K rescued by Marion Wischnewski managed to use Alexa to order groceries over Amazon and have them delivered to Marion's home when she was at work. The owner of this feathered friend would find packages of strawberries, watermelon, raisins, and ice cream delivered...
  10. Mydlas

    I got some unseen adopts of all kinds for sale

    I got some unseen adopts that got left behind, if anyone interested, the prices ranges between 5$ and 30$ (depending on how old they are) I let you see them in here, if interested post bellow or note me on here or on FA, my artist's nickname is the same as in the Forum. 5$ 5$ 5$ 5$ 6$ 6$...
  11. Xitheon

    Species crisis... I'm not sure if I feel bonded to geckos anymore.

    I'd rather be a parrot. I find drawing parrots boring because I've been doing it all my life, but I feel like a parrot... I just don't enjoy drawing my parrot 'sonas much. But I am almost a parrot therian. I eat fruit and nuts, I act like a parrot (I've been told I'm like a bratty parrot...
  12. Xitheon

    Fursona/Pets: match and clash?

    I feel uneasy when my fursona matches the pets/companion animals I keep. For a while I had a greyhound, and at the time my 'sona was a greyhound. I can't explain it, but it felt weird and wrong. Pretending to be the same species as my pets , I mean. I keep parrots and snakes and I could never...
  13. MorgueBuddy

    Reference Sheet Commissions Open

    info: any species / nsfw ok can be nude or clothes / or one or other but only two characters for the 25euro price. additional is 5euro depending on the complexity of the outfit / patterns i might charge 1-5 euro extra you can just get the icon for 5euro if you want 2700 x 2000 px // buyer pals...
  14. El Pajaro Rembel

    El Pajaro Rembel - Newcomer.

    This is El Pajaro Rembel (Rembel Bird). Greetings. I am a newcomer and would like to introduce myself. I am 26 year old male. Let me share a bit of myself. My younger brother and I have always referred to each other as birds. I am using the name he gave me, Rembel (my friends say it...
  15. W

    Guardians of The Animal Kingdom on Patreon

    hi guys . Im creating neat comics on Patreon about anthro animals with super powers hahaha. Its not your typical superhero comic I assure you ! It would be nice if you guys took a look at the comic. Ive put a lot of thought into the story . So enjoy xD Jonathan Chimney is creating Guardians...