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partial fursuit

  1. Smalldoggy1010


  2. Smalldoggy1010

    Fursuit partial for sale . New. On ebay

  3. F

    SELLING Maned Wolf Fursuit (Head + Tail) - $200

    Hello. I bought this fursuit from a maker named North a number of years ago to go to a convention in Denver. I wore it to the convention and sporadically for photos, but I'd like to pass it on to someone who will make greater use of it. The species is a bit ambiguous, originally made as a "maned...
  4. Levi_KAZ

    Hiring: Looking for wolf Head/partial/hoodie

    Hello, hello a man is desperate lol I've wanted a fursuit since I first saw them years ago. I finally can afford one! I probably will get more than one, as I have followed some makers I like on twitter already, but I want to try looking here as well. I'm used to being the one offering...
  5. hyenaspike


    hi everyone. i desperately need to sell my mini partial suit. it’s well made, comes with head, tail and paws along with many extras. preferably shipping to the UK unless the buyer is happy to pay all shipping costs to anywhere else. will be going cheap because of urgency!!! please message me...
  6. LoLiLaDoozy

    Lockdown Projects

    Anyone else finding that during lockdown, that they are able to now continue with their fursuit projects or having a try at building their own? Even if it's just a partial suit? Or is it just me? lol
  7. Biscayne

    (Commission) Selling: $500 Dog Mini Partial - USA Only

    Hey there! After some thought, I've decided to rehome my impulse bought mini partial AND CHARACTER (with art). Character gallery with pictures (fursuit pics in tab): Biscayne on Toyhouse Some more pics: They are a premade suit that fits up to a 27 inch head, with one size fits all hands...
  8. Lucyfur

    Just diving in

    I’m really excited because I just commissioned a partial suit, head hand sleeves and tail, and ahhhhhh! My Yeen is going to be made physical ^~^ I commissioned Capricorgi Creations @CcorgiCreations on Twitter I am so excited and would love to update the progress as I get updated ^~^
  9. majestycorgi

    Pretty baby dog partial $720(free express shipping)

    [/url] [/IMG] Video: copy and paste to your browser if the link isnt work https://www.instagram.com/p/B9XE-7CiMti/?utm_sourc... THE HEAD Head size is UNIVERSAL. Glasses friendly! What mean universal? Inside there is a system of belts and pillows that you customize for yourself...
  10. KaylaMod

    (Commission) Selling: $400 Red Panda Partial (TFF pick up)

    Buy it easy here! She is a red panda with a floor dragging tail, fits up to 25" head, arm sleeves fit 18" shoulder, 12" elbow, 6" wrist, 20" back, small sized paws. You will get character rights! Made by buckyb00 on instagram, modified by me (KaylaMod) in some places. I am willing to do...
  11. SeanPTX

    Lemon Brat Partial - looking to sell

    I have a Lemon Brat partial of a green fox that I am interested in selling. It was a spontaneous purchase I made at ACFI, so I don't have a website with pics. If you PM me, I can send you the pics of the partial. Asking $900 + shipping /or best offer. (I'm going to TFF at the end of the...
  12. Cynlife

    First time digitgrade making (iso faun leg help)

    Hello there! (TLDR below) I'm looking attempt to make my first fursuit item, digitgrade faun legs! But I need some help because I already feel overwhelmed, so bare with me if possible because I'll provide as much information as I can to get the best answers I can, so any and all advice will be...
  13. Vermilion

    please delete

    No longer doing fursuits.
  14. Bluekittie

    Curious on who could make a partial fursuit of my char in the future ~

    Lately I have been wanting to get a suit of my fursona .... Im 25 so done growing least I have been for yrs lol.... but I am on the smallish side abit...ex: my shoe size is 5 1/2 wide.... Not looking into commission right away I got real life things should put my money towards first.(maybe...
  15. artisticKitsune

    How much does it cost to make a fursuit head/partial and other questions

    So I'm thinking about maybe trying to make a partial fursuit myself (mostly because it's a cheaper option and sounds like a fun project) But I don't know what the average price is for materials or what type of stuff I need (I live in California) I tried looking up tutorials but they're a bit...
  16. W

    I need help figuring this out

    Ok, so I need help finding this out. All the good fursuit makers are really expensive and I really want to get a partial. Does anyone know of a maker who charges lower than 500 US dollars? Or if you are a maker, how much do you charge?
  17. J

    Uk Fursuit Builders for Partial Rabbit

    Hi, I'm looking for quotes from UK fursuit builders into how much they would charge for a Partial Suit for a Rabbit. I'm just looking for Paws up to the wrist, footpaws and a head with moving jaw. I have a pic of the kind of footpaws I would like, I'm not asking anyone to duplicate these paws...
  18. FurFunAndMore

    Partials for Commission

    Hello everyone! I'm a newer fursuit maker and looking to get some more experience under my belt. I really enjoy making custom fursuits and would love to help make yours! I have references available upon request and pictures, as well as an etsy site if you wish to look at it. (I don't have that...
  19. RosetheCrux

    Looking for partial Fursuit Comissions

    Hey I'm looking for anyone that has open partial fursuit commissions. It'd be nice to see separate pricing for the head, handpaws, feetpaws and tail. My fursona is a Crux and I was hoping for a suit made similarly to this