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  1. Smalldoggy1010


  2. Smalldoggy1010

    Fursuit partial for sale . New. On ebay

  3. hyenaspike


    hi everyone. i desperately need to sell my mini partial suit. it’s well made, comes with head, tail and paws along with many extras. preferably shipping to the UK unless the buyer is happy to pay all shipping costs to anywhere else. will be going cheap because of urgency!!! please message me...
  4. Magelet

    Looking to Commission Someone for Realistic Raven Tail

    Hi folks! While I've been working on my raven shaman partial all by myself, it's been a rough ride and I'm hoping to just commission another artist for my tail! I'm in the US and currently prefer someone within my country to commission due to shipping problems during the pandemic but I'm not...
  5. Zehlua

    Hiring: Looking for a Partial Fursuit Maker!

    I'm looking to get a partial toony or semi-toony fursuit (head, arms, handpaws, and tail) of this character: www.furaffinity.net: Zehlua Ref by Zehlua This includes a moving jaw, follow-me eyes, magnetic eyelids, and claws. I need a maker who is willing to communicate clearly and honestly with...
  6. Feralteddy

    Show off your first fursuit VS your latest!

    I want to preface this with that there should be NO judgement here, everyone starts somewhere. I want this to be a positive thread showing how far you suit makers have come! This was the first one I ever made, I was 14 and matrices.net was a big inspiration to me so I used their guide. It...
  7. Lucyfur

    Just diving in

    I’m really excited because I just commissioned a partial suit, head hand sleeves and tail, and ahhhhhh! My Yeen is going to be made physical ^~^ I commissioned Capricorgi Creations @CcorgiCreations on Twitter I am so excited and would love to update the progress as I get updated ^~^
  8. majestycorgi

    Pretty baby dog partial $720(free express shipping)

    [/url] [/IMG] Video: copy and paste to your browser if the link isnt work https://www.instagram.com/p/B9XE-7CiMti/?utm_sourc... THE HEAD Head size is UNIVERSAL. Glasses friendly! What mean universal? Inside there is a system of belts and pillows that you customize for yourself...
  9. kaeri309

    How real is 'bullying' at cons over suits?

    Hi, I've been wanting to suit at a con (non-furry) for a while, but due to time/money haven't been able to get a proper partial together. I also have health issues and want to test the waters a bit before waiting a couple years and paying out for a head etc, so I was looking at getting one of...
  10. CreatureOfHabit

    Hiring: [CLOSED] White-Tailed Mongoose Partial - Realistic, Lightweight

    I'm in the market for a fursuit maker for a partial commission (head and tail, no paws), but have a few specific things I'm looking for. I have a budget range of $500 - 700, but if payment plans are an option, I can afford a bit more, up to $900. REF 1 • REF 2 • REF 3 • REF 4 (Old Trad) • PHOTO...
  11. Armomen

    (Commission) Selling: Open for Partial Suit Comission (Starting at $600)

    I'm open for one fursuit commission slot - partials (full or mini) only for now. Based in NC, USA, I've been making fursuits for about 7 years now, but only ever had time to work on my own (though I have made quite a lot of suit parts for commissions), really; due to school. But now I'm all done...
  12. N

    A few fursuit-making questions (first time making)

    Hello! I'm currently working on a fursuit (actually one I started making in 2016 but just held off on working on for a while) and it is my first time making one. I'm planning on probably leaving it as just a partial (the character its based on wears clothes anyway). Currently I've been sewing...
  13. ShioriArashi

    Looking for quotes for a partial fursuit

    Hi, I'm currently looking for quotes for a partial fursuit of my drekkubus Skeli so a head, tail, feet paws, arm sleeves, hand paws, and leg sleeves and or digidigrade pants. My budget is $3,000 to 4,000 The style of fursuit i want is Toony. Here is a link to her reference sheet...
  14. S

    (Commission) Selling: Snarly Hyena Partial Fursuit Auction

    I have an auction up on The Dealers Den here: www.thedealersden.com: *New* ANGRY HYENA Partial Fursuit with Matching Paw Gloves and Tail This is a partial including a head, gloves, and tail. The head features a resin base, moving jaw, and following eyes. More info, including size info, is over...
  15. A Minty cheetah

    First fursuit! 0w0

    So Minty has been accepted for his first fursuit commission, and I've decided to document the progress here. I'll be sharing any updates on progress as they come, all with permission from the maker: ScuppetSuits! As much as I'd love a full suit, I'm kind of like a human radiator and if I...
  16. P

    Need a lot of help creating a reference sheet for a partial fursuit

    Now I'm not planning on actually commissioning for a while - and when I do, I will need a lot of help with that as well because I'm very intimidated by that concept. However, at the very least I want to make sure that when I'm finally ready (maybe next year), I have a ref sheet that works and...
  17. Cynlife

    First time digitgrade making (iso faun leg help)

    Hello there! (TLDR below) I'm looking attempt to make my first fursuit item, digitgrade faun legs! But I need some help because I already feel overwhelmed, so bare with me if possible because I'll provide as much information as I can to get the best answers I can, so any and all advice will be...
  18. Skrafty

    Partial Poll!

    I've been in this fandom for like a friggin year now, and I still can't decide on a fursona, but I do want to make/commission a partial. Do you guys have a favourite from these designs?
  19. EmilieArts

    How to Wear a Partial Well?

    I've commissioned a fullsuit but it looks like it won't be completely ready for the convention I was hoping to debut it at, I was pretty heartbroken learning this, so I asked the maker if I could pay to rush just a partial to have in time for the con and still get the full suit later on. My...
  20. B

    I need a head and arm wings, October deadline

    My budget is $500. The head must be glasses friendly and toony. The wings can be made of fleece and there will not be paws, so the wearer's hands would be exposed. Each wing will be 32 inches length from the start of one's shoulder to the tip. The dark part of the wings will go down to one's...