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  1. FurFunAndMore

    Partials for Commission

    Hello everyone! I'm a newer fursuit maker and looking to get some more experience under my belt. I really enjoy making custom fursuits and would love to help make yours! I have references available upon request and pictures, as well as an etsy site if you wish to look at it. (I don't have that...
  2. RosetheCrux

    Looking for partial Fursuit Comissions

    Hey I'm looking for anyone that has open partial fursuit commissions. It'd be nice to see separate pricing for the head, handpaws, feetpaws and tail. My fursona is a Crux and I was hoping for a suit made similarly to this
  3. BraeCipriano

    Toony B/W Siberian Husky Head and Tail Set!

    FurBuy - View Auction #1083587 This adorable fluffy black and white husky head and tail set is up for auction! Plastic mesh eyes and a movable spring-activated jaw allow for great ventilation and good vision! This partial has only been worn twice by the maker and is now looking for a new home...
  4. SpunSugar

    Looking to get a poodle partial

    I have this poodle fursona named Jawbreaker and I am looking to get a partial of her. That would be head, arms, and tail. My budget is roughly $500. A static jaw is fine, but a moving one is preferred.
  5. stablercake

    Beginner Mistakes with Making Suits?

    So in the next 6 months or so I want to start making my own partial and I've done my fair share of watching tutorials and asking questions of suiters, but I wanted to see what kind of silly screw-ups any suiters out there did the first time they gave it a shot so maybe I could avoid some...