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  1. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    Request: Request open + partner

    Well, I will do a request this time. But I will be very picky. I want you have an anthro oc (preferably scalie or feline) with these themes: - western - biker - warrior - boots - vore - butt/anal And I will do this draw for you, not to complex. Also, if you search a partner, you can join me...
  2. zenmaldita

    (Base/YCH) Selling: CLOSED: 3 Valentine Portraits | Current Bids: A 130 B 120 C 110

    •❅─────✧❅✦❅✧─────❅• ◇ Any species, Any gender, MxM FxF ok ◇ Body adjustments & Clothes Design included ◇ Flower colors will be changed to compliment characters Per Pair SB: $100 MB increase: $10 AB: $200 •❅─────✧❅✦❅✧─────❅• ◇ By bidding, you agree to my TOS and will follow it's guidelines ◇...
  3. Snipernoah11

    Looking for pokemon/digimon vore rp partners

    Hey, it's nice to see this forum open back up even though I barely use it. I'm just looking for some rp partners for some things i wanna do, be it a adventure or just a casual laying back at a home and interacting with people rp. Im open to ideas though i do have my likes and dislikes. But...
  4. T

    LF RP partner m,f. NSFW

    Hello, I am a long term rper and have recently lost my long 8 year rp partner due to real life issues and her having to tend to her family now. Life happens. I have years of rp experience on several different platforms. Games: WoW, Runescape, Gw2, etc. Emails, discord, so on. I am looking...
  5. VolatusArts

    Looking for RP Friend! [mxm pref]

    EDIT: Been a bit, I've kind of forgot about my forum account. My Discord tag changed to #8680 , and my mental health was behind, so I did kind of go ghost on a few people. Apologies. But hopefully, I'll make some new friendos >> It's not required that your character be male, gay or that you rp...
  6. Itamiko

    Seeking RP partner

    I'm looking for those who frequently use discord as a means to Rp and talk with friends! I'm looking for mostly SFW roleplays and people whoa re interested in more long-term roleplays and relationships between characters. That being said I prefer when Roleplays have a little premeditated...
  7. Cres Moon

    Looking for long term rp over Discord

    Hey, I'm looking for an rp partner, or rp partners who would like to work on a character development focused rp. I also host group rps in a range of different settings for anyone who'd like to participate in one of them. I am looking for people with some rp and writing experience.
  8. T

    wasteland wanderer finds himself a new friend/love [fallout/post-apocalypse/metro RP]

    There is a man walking around the wastelands. He is "The candy man" (ignore the pip boy, he obviously wouldnt have one. he might have a "pip-pad" though but thats a whole other story. Made the model in fallout 4 using the character creation screen in some "crimes against nature" mod) He...
  9. Marjoe

    Searching for RP Partner - Can be NSFW.

    Hello! My name is Marjoe and I'm currently looking for a rp partner. I've been roleplaying for awhile now, but I'm still an amateur. I'd love to roleplay about anything, any story. I'm really interested in trying NSFW. So if you're into that, I'd be very interested to mess around!~ (If you have...
  10. W

    New RPer looking for partner/teacher!

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for an individual who is up to RP with someone that is extremely new. Pretty much my first time. When it comes to what I like there really isn't much off the list. There are a few things that I don't really care for and they are: Fat Furs Inflation And although I...
  11. PaletteManokit

    Looking for RP partner(s)

    I haven't roleplayed in a long time, and right now it honestly sounds really nice. So if anyone wants to be my RP partner please message me! However, there is one thing that is a no no when I RP with anyone, No NSFWcontent I'm literally fine with almost any RP (as long as it's SFW) so yeah...
  12. Aaron U Pictus

    Successes of an online, long distance, long term relationship.

    I think there are a few other furs who stand with me in saying this. I feel like many good and wonderful relationships get a bad rap beacuse the couple found each other online either on a forum in a fandom or whilst gaming online. And yet I find in many cases (this coming from experience)...
  13. K

    Looking for MxM rp-Discord preferred.

    I'm KayJay I'm pretty new here. I'm looking for some MxM rp. My discord is Jaybie #4433. Please message me if you're interested or reply here. Thank you.
  14. Keywee612

    Anyone want do a rp with me? ( I'm new of this)

    Im new of of rp have no experience even try other furry they kinda stop or don't have the time. Really do a rp with my fursoan other furry but not good up a story yet, Themes i like the most: Modern Fantasy like Final Fantasy 8 or 13? , minor Sci-fi, Medieval not medieval like skyrim...
  15. C

    Looking for RP partners? Same! lets talk and see what we figure out!

    so im looking for people to roleplay with. im gonan have to ask that you are 18 or above. Happened i ran into a 13 year old here, sadly i had already sent them my F-list before i got to know that so. yeah. want to avoid that again. im thinking we can send DM's to eachother to trade pictures of...
  16. feder

    Seeking dominant partner in RP

    I'm looking for a dom to do a stepfordization/ Anthro Housewife TF/TG Mind Control RP with. This is meant to help with a story, so I very much prefer someone good at writing, with at least two/three sentence replies. I'm open for any suggestions on setting and story, since I want this to be a...
  17. A

    Looking for Long-Term RP partner, preferably on F-List

    F-list - Warning I think it is now the time that Alex (my character) began the search for someone to call his own once again. I'm searching for literate RPers for a long-term romance, where the plot is simply my character and yours meeting and forming a relationship that could develope into...