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  1. S

    Changed Password And Can't Log In

    I just changed my password on my account because I had forgotten it and wanted to log in on a new device, but now that it's changed, even though the page said the change was confirmed, I still can't log in. I keep getting a 'You have typed in an erroneous name or password" notification. I...
  2. Kratnase

    I need help getting back my original FA account

    Hello! im new here in the forums so i hope this is posted in the correct place (? the story is that, a few years ago, i had my original and only account here in Furaffinity called ¨Kratnase¨ thats my name. i uploaded a few of my drawings and all but the problem started when a guy started to...
  3. Foxy Emy

    HTTPS by Default on FAF

    The Problem (TLDR Version) Unless you type in "https://" every time you visit FAF, or have HTTPS everywhere installed, everything you do on FAF, every bit of text you send, including your password, is plainly visible to anyone on the internet, possibly reading it over wifi, or through...
  4. RottenCanines

    Login/Password Problems: Cannot reset password despite correct email

    Since the password reset apocalypse earlier this year I was unable to retrieve my main account which is under the same name as this username. I managed to get it back after many emails exchanged from one of the staff members who was finally able to retrieve it through my Twitter account because...
  5. Gangsta Fox

    Login/Password Problems: I cannot log into my FurAffinity account.

    Since the mass password change of 2016 happened for some apparent reason. I am no longer able to go into FA. Why? Because I have a DEAD email account. The email address of Redfoxbenn@verizon.net is gone. I had it since I was 15, but then I used Gmail instead for it was far faster. Now i would...
  6. TungstenTheWolf

    who here actualy got help with the email/password situation

    Just wondering if the staff is actually responding to the emails sent to accounts@furaffinity.net
  7. I

    Lost Account?

    I can no longer access my account, I tried resetting with the forced p/w reset and none of my emails match the account, I tried emailing admin@furaffinity.net and that email doesn't exist.....for Christ's sake..... My account is icytux, and I'm not making another one on the Fa site just so I...
  8. C

    Login/Password Problems: Password protection

    Directed at FA and highly important for all FA users: You state on the main page that you need me to change my password and to be on the safe side, also the password on other websites. I am a computer scientist and know that if a proper hashing and salting algorithm is used (say.. SHA256) and...
  9. kire89

    [SOLVED] Forgotten Password + email no longer exists

    Hello, my FA account is kire89. I believe the email account that was connected to my FA was a hotmail account that was deleted whenever outlook took over for hotmail. I rarely used the account and never needed to reset my password because I left myself logged in to FA on my computer. Now...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] Password Reset Issues

    I've been idly trying to recover my account for a while via the password retrieval system, but for some reason this has never worked for me (my username on the main site is also saucyfox). I sent a few emails to support@furaffinity.net (which I suspect is inactive at this point; though it was...
  11. RetroWave

    [SOLVED] FurAffinity recognizes me on forums, but not main site

    So I tried logging into the main furaffinity website, but its saying my password is wrong! I go on here, no problems! I try changing my password in case that's it, and it says the emails wrong, and I knew that was wrong, hell even my account on these forums say the email is right. So whats going...