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  1. Foxy Emy

    Table-Top RPG Nerd-Out Thread

    Hi all! This idea comes from @Minerva_Minx & @Skittles! A lot of us have played Table-Top RPG's and/or LARPs. But this doesn't really fit well in the Tavern thread which is mostly focused on plain ol' RP without the G so I decided to make this so we have a place to nerd out, together! What...
  2. VincentDraggy

    [Tabletop RPG][Pathfinder 1e][LFG][18+] Serpent's Skull AP

    Hello~! I'm looking to get together a group and GM for setting up this adventure path. We'll be using Roll20 and I'm a pro member of Roll20 and can provide all of the extra benefits of it. And we'll be using Discord for voice and text. For game times (Eastern Standard Time), I'm possibly looking...
  3. Sarah Mikeller

    Looking for other furs to game with me and a friend

    Hey everyone. I'm new to the forums here, but a long time furry. I'm predominantly looking for a few others to join me and my close friend in playing games in the evenings and on my days off. Games we often play include but are not limited to: 7 Days to Die, Stardew Valley, Killing Floor 2...
  4. Gotel

    Looking for Players for a Furry Pathfinder Campaign

  5. VincentDraggy

    Anyone Interested in Pathfinder? (Tabletop RPG) (Mature)

    I'm looking to see if any furs would be interested in playing a mature, possibly nsfw, campaign of Pathfinder. It's a tabletop RPG very similar to D&D 3.5e, but still has a lot of its own differences. We would be using Roll20.net to host the game, it's a virtual table with built-in tabletop...
  6. E

    Your Best Tabletop Stories

    I really wanted to put this in one of the "entertainment" forums, but apparently those don't accommodate non-digital gaming so here I am. Tabletop RPGs. Dungeons and Dragons. Pathfinder. Warhammer 40k and Fantasy. Eclipse Phase. Fate. Powered by the Apocalypse. The Maid RPG (yes it exists, and...
  7. Byere

    Pathfinder Game

    Hey everyone. This is a call out to anyone who's interested in D&D, or in this case, Pathfinder. My group plays on Skype on Wednesdays, starting at 6-7pm GMT (England time) However, over the last few weeks, we've had a number of players drop out due to commitments on that silly thing call...
  8. D

    Land under strange times

    Not sure if this is the right thread but for those on this site that play pathfinder i'm setting up a camping that incorporates monster girl lore into the game. If any want to join in or want to be a gm and help in this camping i'd gladly accept the help. land under strange times( living...
  9. thanksforthetea

    Dungeons & Dragons + Pathfinder!

    If this is in the wrong forum I'm sorry. Just wondering how many of you guys play this amazing game! I personally play Pathfinder and have a blast! Some question prompts: - What types of characters have you played? - What campaign setting did you play in? - Funniest encounter?