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  1. sillydraco

    (Other) Selling: Started a Patreon!

    https://www.furaffinity.net/view/41720136/ I decided to give Patreon a try! I am a NSFW artist and there is plenty of that there, as well as comics posted every friday! There are tiers for getting art early and getting sketches and comics too! Check it out c:
  2. AzazelTheDark1

    (Other) Selling: $1 Patreon Bi-Weekly D20 Art Raffle!

    I am doing a $1 entry bi-weekly Patreon art raffle. Since Patreon is a monthly subscription service the lowest tier is $2, and you are entered bi-weekly into a raffle. You can purchase a higher weight by going up a tier up to $6, at $6 you get 3x weight in the raffle. After someone wins, I will...
  3. Glitter_Daddy

    Cheap artist's patreon

    Look for a good Illustration and is also cheap https://www.patreon.com/GlitterDaddy?fan_landing=true
  4. AzazelTheDark1

    (Other) Selling: $1 Patreon Bi-Weekly D20 Art Raffle!

    To start this off I am new (haven't posted since 2017) to the forums so if this is the wrong place to put this my apologies. I am doing a $1 entry bi-weekly Patreon art raffle. Since Patreon is a monthly subscription service the lowest tier is $2, and you are entered bi-weekly into a raffle...
  5. GatsbyGhoul

    How do you direct your Discord for Patreon?

    I'm not a heavy Discord user but I know some creators like having an exclusive Discord for their Patrons. How does that work? What do people like to do in a Patreon exclusive Discord? As I said, I'm not a constant Discord user so I don't know what to in a Discord other than chatting, voice...
  6. Chairae

    (Commission) Selling: ($75+) WoW and DnD Tight up commissions

    Examples: They come with simple background like in the second example. Get them as Patreon rewards (90 usd tier): patreon.com/Chairae
  7. KD142000

    Shades Of Blue- A Comic

    Well, this project of mine has had about 30 ups and 50 downs...but that hasn't stopped me yet :3 When the forums went down, Episode One wasn't finished yet, but I'm delighted to say it is! At least...in lineart form. Before viewing this comic, please keep this disclaimer in mind: This comic...
  8. nan_nan_yakamoto

    What keeps you supporting any artist long-term?

    As an aspiring artist heavily trying to make this into a career, I would love to learn from clients, fans, and even fellow artists if they would oblige. These questions have always puzzled me or at least something I've been curious about when it comes to artist-fan relationships. Questions 1...
  9. Jomaro

    (Commission) Selling: SFW/NSFW Commissions. [$5 - $45] ETA same day or 3+ days

    *COMMISSIONS are OPEN* 5 Slots at all times It's my first time doing commissions, so I'm still figuring out some things, ask about my references *Price range $5 — $70. *From ICONS to Reference Sheets. *The turn around can be on the same day or 3+ days. It depends on the kind of work I have at...
  10. Fishie-Lips

    Advice on what to sketchbook for Patreon.

    There's probably a better place to post this, but it relates to art so I figure this place is as good as any. I'm creating the bulk of a Patreon for the webcomics HoneyBooBun and I are putting out. Aside from the comic I don't end up doing many sketches (to maximize page output) but I'm...
  11. Faustus

    Free NSFW Furry Interactive Fiction (aka Text Adventure)

    Hi guys! I recently got back into writing Interactive Fiction - for those not in the know, that's old-school text adventure games like Zork where you type your commands and the in-game character tries to work out what you want and do it. Since I'm a kinky beggar, I've made it an NSFW sci-fi...
  12. kirkechan

    Artist looking for patrons

    Hi! I hope that post isn't against the rules or something. I just want to tell you about my patreon page. Kirke Chan is creating Art and fanart | Patreon So, soon I will be moving out with my friends. I'm already making commissions to raise up some money, but honestly, all help would mean a...
  13. vaguelymj

    like cryptids? like monsters? check out the demo for my game!

    Hey everyone! I'm currently working on my first game, a visual novel and dating sim called Cryptid Crew. If you like cryptids and monsters, this is the visual novel for you! The Story: You're a freshly-bitten werewolf who's embraced their monster life... but what kind of life is it without...
  14. Sasha_Fzknv

    Some Traditional Media Artwork (Need help :c)

    Hello there! I wanted share with you some of my last artworks. I'm trying to share and get some help, I lost my pc and I can't afford for repair it, and I share my patreon page, maybe you don't interested in support, but if you just share maybe there someone who likes to. So I show some of the...
  15. driftingdragon

    Want to be in a comic?

    Hi everyone! Driftingdragon here. Just trying to prod the general public for what they think about some stuff. So I'm working on a really big comic, Here! (Prologue+chapter 1 sketches) I want to know you guy's advice on this? What would make this comic stand out as something you want to be...
  16. TheRabbitFollower

    Animated Request Raffle: ENDS TOMORROW 12PM EST

    Figured I’d cross-post my raffle here before it ends. I’m accepting both human and animal characters, and while one winner will be randomly selected, two others will be chosen based on how much I like their designs. The winners will be given an animated portrait of their character of choice...
  17. bluezcherry

    trying to start a patreon

    I've had the page for a while, but with the freak out about Patreon going to subscription for creators, I'm wanting to make it a viable page. I'm not sure how to get patrons, besides I guess mentioning it in more of my posts? The current version is here. I suppose I'm looking for advice from...
  18. Notkastar

    Reworked my Patreon Page to look more appealing, What do you think? ╹‿╹)

    Hey, How's it going? ╹‿╹) Don't worry I'm not asking for you to become a part of this, Just your opinion on this Patreon page if it is something you could see peeps pledging too. What I mean by that is that for the longest time I've been struggling to make it interesting and eye-catching...
  19. KurisuFox

    Support KurisuFox on Patreon (NSFW/SFW Furry Artwork)

    Hey Everyone!! I've come here to ask you all for some support on my Patreon!! I'm really passionate about pursuing art as my primary occupation, but as of currently I only have time to complete 1-2 illustrations per week (due to the amount of time spent at my current job). You can pledge as...
  20. Kyuen

    Thoughts on Patreon?

    One of the many financially troubled artist here. So down the line, I'd like to start a Patreon page but first I'd like to know where your stance on it is. I literally thought of only 1 tier: $1 HQ ver of all uploaded works I wanted to add other tiers that rewards something like headshot/half...