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  1. mightybeeb

    Rodent paw pattern?

    I’m making my first suit which is a mouse partial and don’t know where to start with the paws. I want the fingers and largest paw pad (won’t include any on the fingers) to be pink fleece and use the base fur for the rest of it. I haven’t been able to find any rodent-specific patterns and my...
  2. Jopossum

    Is there any reason this wouldn't work?

    Pattern idea: see image. Fold along black lines so Seam A goes to other blue line and Seam B to other red line to form the legs, then sew in the stomach /chest. Zip can go along the side of the stomach piece. This way the minimum number of seams can be used and the whole thing can be cut from...
  3. PrismaKitty

    Fur Color/Pattern: How to Decide?

    I'm pretty new to making fursonas and I've already made a ZootopiaSona (a margay), but I feel like a munchkin cat fits me more. I guess where I'm getting stuck is how to decide on what color to make my fursona and how to pick markings. How did you decide? Any tips for a newbie? :3
  4. Hiff

    Plush Making Pattern Advice?

    So I am a rather new plush maker, only been doing it for a few months. To start off, I purchased a few patterns with nice instructions from BeeZeeArt, I found the patterns pleasing and the instructions (mostly) thorough. My reasoning behind starting out using someone else's patterns was to...