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  1. VX666

    Glue on claws for paws that can work with touch screen devices

    Does anyone make premade claws like that I can just glue on to my paws? Are they even possible? Can't live without using device while fursuiting.
  2. XionMonro

    Long term, story based lewd romance with paw fetish!

    So I’d love to get something going with my venkat fursona, I’ll post a picture of him. He’s fairly easy going and not the most smooth guy around but he’s cute and he’s funny. Looking to get something going with a a dragon, shark, raptor, stuff like that... scalies. Prefer a female, m2f trans...
  3. Keiivory

    (Base/YCH) Selling: 15$ Unlimited Slots!

    Hello!! I am currently selling YCHs with customizable tails and more! They will be fully colored and shaded with any sort of accent you would like; Ex. Jewelry, piercings, etc They can be NSFW or SFW as shown in the examples of the link I am providing. Please consider me, I would greatly...
  4. breakfastzone

    (Commission) Selling: YCH Paws! - $10 (or 2 for $15)

    Drawing paw pics for $10 (or 2 for 15 [yes, I know I wrote 2 for 8, but I'm sleepy - it's actually 15 lol]) You'll get the full size version without a watermark. Please be able to provide a reference/detailed description, and please be able to pay with PayPal beforehand! Thanks <3
  5. vile

    Paw YCH$5

    Example<3 Please message me if interested<3:p
  6. Bluefiremark II

    Lookin rp, open to many things

    Hello! As the title says, I'm looking for people to roleplay with! What type you ask? Well, let me list a few. I am looking for people to do growth, paw, adventure, slice of life, etc. If you'd like to do Nsfw, or something else i might be willing to try, just ask me about it. Pretty much...
  7. MarshmallOwl

    NSFW YCH foot fetish

    NSFW YCH 04/03/2018 - 11/03/2018 www.furaffinity.net: YCH paw fetish by Marshmallowl Bid step - 5$, AB at 50$ for each slot.
  8. BabeRuhx


    Hello!As said in the name, I am selling furry anthro art commissions! Because of my lack of skill (Im still learning) I will only be selling Head Shots and paw art . I also will be doing Landscape/Back ground art. Head Shot: (Normal) 15$ USD (Dutch) Angel Dragon: 25$ Feet/Paw Ref: 5$...
  9. korsk4life

    Looking To Hire Someone To Do Foot Pain (Slapstick Inspired, Female)

    Hello! As the thread states, I'm looking to hire an artist (or artists, as the case may be!) to draw one of my characters in a specific situation. I love to see slapstick foot injuries happen to female characters, I don't know why, it's just always fascinated me for some reason. Essentially...
  10. tomik123

    Any body in to M/M foot fetish?

    Hello there friends. I would like to ask you if there is somebody who enjoys foot fetish content. I always loved male feet at all. I preffer bears (grizzly, polar, panda) but I can enjoy other species even the hooved ones. Please if somebody would like to RP with me just write back. I am opened...
  11. Dront12

    [Open YCH] - Paws Licking

    ere we go, one more ych, this time is about Liking Paws NOTES: By Default this is Feet of my Lizard( HE HAVE A STINKY FEET) And if you dont want to change this Feet Then you need Pay only 15$ for character who Licking OR IF YOU WANT TO CHOOSE ANY ANOTHER FEET. Then you need pay +10$ ANY GENDER...
  12. SammyPolargon

    Can you please recommend any furry groups I should join?

    Hi! I'm Sammy the giant polar bear eastern dragon, I'm a furry artist with a toony art style specializing in paws and macros Userpage of burbarbeers -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Can you please recommend Furry groups I should join on: Furaffinity Twitter Facebook Telegram Discord And practically...
  13. swbFoi

    Look it my sexy YCH-auction NSFW

    Hello! I very need money. I hope you like my YCH and art. More information here: www.furaffinity.net: YCH- Auction !!open!! by kicoffe
  14. swbFoi


    Hi! I sale this boy! Payment via Paypal me only
  15. C

    Macro City Stomp

    www.furaffinity.net: Macro City Stomp by Crazydaisy When your a big furry macro, you better watch where you step! ;)
  16. V

    hosting a YCH vore auction AB 35$

    this is an auction im currently hosting on FA, for more info about it check the official postwww.furaffinity.net: YCH vore auction AB 35$ by ViceXXX current slot status: pred: bought (35$) blue prey: SB (10$) yellow prey: SB (10$) green prey: SB (10$) auto buy price: 35$, starting bid price...
  17. FedoraEagle

    Open for Custom Handpaw Commissions! $50+!