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pay what you want

  1. InfernalTanuki

    (Commission) Selling: Name your price

    Looking to make some money, I do name your own price submissions based on what we agree upon and what you're willing to pay me. My gallery can be found on my 18+ only Twitter (message me for a link) But here are some examples
  2. Anfani

    (Commission) Selling: Special December calender Event (Pay what you want)

    Hello everyone! I would like to offer a special event upcoming for december, which involves small commissions - I plan on running a calender from the 1st to the 24th of December, where everyday there is a slot open for a character. I will most likely keep them at being fully coloured bustshots...
  3. hazyhund

    (Commission) Selling: Pay What You Want Ko-Fi Commissions!

    Ko-fi.com/hazyhund I'm doing pay what you want commissions on Ko-fi! So basically, just include your username in the message for proof and then reply to this thread with your character ref, link it in the message or email it to me at jaehosoek@gmail.com. It'll based what I draw for you based...
  4. Avantiver


    AVANTIVER'S PAY WHAT YOU WANT OFFER DISCLAIMER: PAYMENT VIA PAYPAL ONLY! Interested? Contact me @ Discord: eugene#8834 Check my artworks @ FurAffinity: Userpage of Avantiver -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Hello! I'm offering to do PAY WHAT YOU WANT Commissions starting at 5 USD! I can draw...
  5. Dusky

    (Commission) Selling: PWYW Comissions $5 and up

    Hello, I go @forwarddivide! These are pay what you want commissions, minimum price $5. I do traditional, my digital art is done with Procreate. EXAMPLES: example 1 example 2 If you are interested please e-mail me at duskychat@gmail.com OR send me a PM with the following information...


    These are emergency commissions! so pay what you want! I can do nsfw and sfw I will draw pretty much any species with any type of theme ( dm me on a certain fetish cause im down with certain ones)
  7. PrinceDoodles

    (Commission) Selling: PWYW Sketch streams with upgrades! $5-$25 min!

    Hi there! I'm doing Pay What You Want sketch streams, with options to upgrade to colors, lineart or backgrounds! I take orders through the $Cash App, through Paypal, or Ko-fi! Stream: princedoodle - Picarto Sketch: Pay What You Want Line Art Upgrade: +$5 Flat Color Upgrade: +$8 Flat...
  8. mimibast


    ☽ ☯ ☾ Hi everyone I really need money to get out of my household and I have a lot going on and I need to pay off my debt so please help me and let me help you! ☽ ☯ ☾ ☽ ☯ ☾ I can do NSFW and FURRY ART too as long as you explain exactly what you want, communication is constant and changes to...
  9. TheRabbitFollower

    Pay What You Want Requests

    Yes, you don't have to give me anything, but any kind of payment is guaranteed a drawing. All the information is here: Forum: Ink-Flavored Requests! | DeviantArt
  10. ColdSoul

    Pay what you want Commissions!

    Hello So this is what I offer commission wise and want I normally charge- This is how this works, you can offer any price you want for a commission (offering impractical prices like 1p or a couple pounds will not be accepted hehe) and I will decide whether to accept it or not. You can...
  11. ColdSoul

    Pay what you want Commissions!- Ends 12 hours

    Hello! I have never done this before but I have been always interested to see what people are willing to pay for my commissions :D So this is what I offer commission wise and what I normally charge- https://www.furaffinity.net/view/24.....che=1515504563 This is how this works, you can offer...
  12. Gunny

    Pay What You Want Commissions! (Min 5 USD)

    Hello! I'm trying to make some cash over the course of the next two months for personal reasons, and am thus doing something a little different! A pay what you want commission page! So if you have any cash to spare, it would be greatly appreciated! You can contact me via this thread, PMs or...
  13. OpalescentConfetti

    Pay What You Want Commissions{Open}

    I will be doing pay what you want commissions until I reach my Goal of 40$ USD The lowest you can offer is 5$ USD . I have the right to reject a Commission based on the amount you offer, but it is unlikely to happen unless you are asking for something super complex for 5$. Examples of my work...
  14. Tamara of Tammyland

    [OPEN] PAY WHAT YOU WANT painterly neon glow commissions!

    Im doing neon PAY WHAT YOU WANT bust and full body commissions! Some parts of the character will be glowing neon (e.g, tail, eyes [optional, you can decide that one], tail, etc). .Paypal only~ .£10 minimum .Payment must be made when i begin doing your commission (you'll be notified) Reply...
  15. AndroKei

    [OPEN] PWYW Animated Icons

    I am taking four slots for PWYW YCH icons using this base. These are PWYW with a minimum of $6USD and will be flat-colored. You will receive one 600x600 and 100x100 file. This base comes with one long- and two short-haired options. I reserve the right to decline an offer if I feel I can't do...